Thursday, July 14th, 2016

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Larry Gatlin Interview

Legendary recording artist Larry Gatlin sits down with Debbie and Mark to talk about his iconic career with The Gatlin Brothers. Larry shares the story of starting out as a kid with his two brothers, even beating Roy Orbison in a talent show when Larry was only ten. Larry would go on to co-write “Indian Summer” with Barry Gibb and record with Roy. After his interview, Larry performs a song from his new album, “The Gospel According to Gatlin” for Home & Family.

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King Ranch Enchiladas - Home & Family

King Ranch Enchiladas

Larry Gatlin’s wife, Janis is in the Home & Family kitchen whipping up some of her famous Cooks King Ranch enchiladas with chicken. The couple talk about meeting in their hometown, Odessa, Texas when they were teenagers and today they are celebrating 47 years of marriage. The two also open up about their spiritual connection and Larry says he felt she was the woman he was going to marry on the day they met. Janis goes on to say her enchiladas are so delicious that she cooks them once a month for Larry.

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Nutcracker Christmas Decor - Home & Family

Nutcracker Christmas Decor

Author of “Christmas with the First Ladies,” Coleen Christian Burke visits Mark and Debbie to talk about Nutcracker decor for the holiday season. Coleen has worked on decorating the White House with both Laura Bush and Michelle Obama, which included lighting up 50 Christmas trees and sticking to a Nutcracker theme, which was started by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

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Travis Van Winkle Interview

The handsome actor talks about his role on the TNT Series, “The Last Ship,” which airs Sundays at 9/8c. He credits an incredible supporting cast for making working on the show such a wonderful experience. Aside from acting, Travis also is an ambassador for buildOn, which has helped build 780 schools in seven countries. The entire message is to be the change you want to see in the world. buildOn is about bringing communities together, as well as building schools.

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Santa School

The one and only Santa Claus visits to give Mark, Ken Wingard, Matt Iseman and Matt Rogers lessons on how to be a good Santa Claus for Christmas. Santa reminds his students that portraying Santa comes from the inside. If you want to be a good Santa, you have to both look and sound like him. He recommends bellowing out the “ho ho ho” from your diaphragm to get that deep impact. Don’t forget to have an extra spring in your step when walking like Santa, too. The most important lesson when portraying Santa is having to love children and love Christmas.

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Aerial Ice Extreme Perform

The Aerial Ice Extreme from “America’s Got Talent,” take to the Home & Family rink to perform their routine to the holiday classic, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

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Choosing the Right Christmas Tree - Home & Family

How to Choose a Christmas Tree

Shirley Bovshow is giving you some inside tips on how to select the right Christmas tree for the right amount of space you have in your home. She recommends checking out your local tree farm for more of a variety. Don’t be afraid to test the trees out to make sure it is fresh by shaking it and bending its branches. If you have a small amount of space, select tall and narrow trees. If you have children, pick out a tabletop tree to keep it out of their way.

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DIY Tabletop Menorah - Home & Family

DIY Tabletop Menorah

Ken Wingard is taking stacks of wood and turning it into a menorah for Hanukkah. He was inspired when he saw a wooden menorah that was going for over a thousand dollars and realized that he could make one himself for a lot less. For added safety, use metal cups around the candles when you place them in the finished menorah. If you use scrap wood, this entire DIY will cost you next to nothing.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of holiday deals you can find at this week’s Hollywood Steals.

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Eggnog Ice Cream - Home & Family

Dr. JJ’s Eggnog Ice Cream

Getting into the holiday spirit, Dr. JJ is making a nice refreshing dessert, eggnog ice cream. She recommends adding a pinch of salt to her recipe to really enhance the flavors. She also makes a vegan and gluten-free version for those following dietary restrictions. The dessert is a huge hit with the family members.

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