John Sterling Talks Kitten Bowl II

The legendary announcer for the New York Yankees, John Sterling stops by to talk about the upcoming Kitten Bowl II airing on the Hallmark Channel, Sunday, February 1st, 12/11c. Hallmark Channel has created the first-ever feline football league and now you can watch weekly video highlights at the Hallmark Channel’s “Cat Center” online. John talks about his 26 year career, where he has never missed a game!

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Ken’s DIY Framed Forest

Lifestyle Expert Ken Wingard shows you how to make a DIY Framed Forest. This project is so easy and can spruce up any room with a little extra nature. Remember, the curvier the branch, the more interesting the design.

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Shanola Hampton Talks About the Return of ‘Shameless’

Actress Shanola Hampton talks to Mark and Cristina about the return of her hit Showtime series, ‘Shameless,’ which premieres Sunday, January 11th at 9PM.  The actress explains the fine balance between comedy and drama that you find on ‘Shameless.’ Shanola also opens up about being a new mom, and displays her talent for DIY party decorations that she will be doing at her baby’s first birthday party.

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Kym and Lawrence Get Fashionable

With the holidays over, what do you do to hide all those extra pesky pounds? Beauty Expert Kym Douglas and Author/Lifestyle Expert Lawrence Zarian are here to show you how to cleverly dress. After all, half of all weight gain occurs during the holidays. Kym and Lawrence suggest baby doll dresses, tailored jackets, and long necklaces that appear to elongate your body. Lawrence claims the biggest fashion trend will be jumpsuits, because you can adjust the waistline.

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Rita Moreno and Rachel Boston Stop By

Legendary actress/singer Rita Moreno and actress Rachel Boston talk to Mark and Cristina about their upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie “A Gift of Miracles” which premieres on the Hallmark Mysteries and Movies Channel, February 15th, 9/8c. Both women open up about their bond on the set of the movie and how much fun they had in between scenes. Mark asks Rita what the secret of her aura is and she says she is perfectly happy. She is surrounded by family and love and that is all that matters. When talking about homes, pure serendipity takes place when Rachel reveals she lived in a home where Rita once lived many years before.

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Cristina Cooks!

Rita Moreno joins Cristina in the kitchen and the two women whip up Rita’s Cuban Picadillo. Rita talks about how she donates her time, skills, and kitchen to people paying no less than $10,000 and all the money goes to charity. It is her way to combine helping people and doing the things she loves. Rita explains her passion for cooking dates back to her growing up in Puerto Rico. The final dish is a hit with the family!

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Dr. Mary Oates Discusses the Body Composition Test

Physical Medicine and Body Composition Specialist Dr. Mary Oates talks about the body composition test and how it measures bone density, muscle mass, and body fat. The test is important to help with long-term health and has been FDA-approved. The test also can help with testing for osteoporosis. Dr. Mary Oates brings in a patient to take the test and shows Mark and Cristina just how easy it is. The average Body Composition Test will cost you $70-$150.

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Paige and Shirley Make a DIY Faux Aquarium

Garden Designer Shirley Bovshow and Lifestyle Design Expert Paige Hemmis show you how to make a faux aquarium and coral reef by using repurposed materials and succulents. The best part about the DIY project is this terrarium traps moisture, not requiring a lot of water. Shirley suggests sprucing up your aquarium with fun lights. Most of the supplies can be found at your local hardware store.

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Dr. JJ and the Dangers of Energy Drinks

Pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein MD discusses the dangers of energy drinks. After all a typical energy drink has up to 2-10 times more caffeine than a typical one cup of coffee or cola. The average energy drink has 200 mg- 500 mg, of caffeine, meanwhile if children have an excess of 100 mg of caffeine it can be dangerous. There are plenty of safer energy drink alternatives.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a new list of Hollywood Steals.

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