Megan Park Interview

Actress Megan Park stops by to talk about her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie “A Wish Come True” that premieres Saturday, January 31st at 8/7c. Megan talks about the first big break when she auditioned for the part of Gretel in the Sound of Music for local theater. She got the part and the rest is history! She even brings a preview of her new movie for Mark and Cristina to enjoy. She admits that initially she and Dean Cain weren’t supposed to kiss on the screen, but he snuck one in anyway.

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Cristina Cooks!

Cristina makes her Nona’s famous Ravioli in the Home & Family kitchen. Instead of making her own dough, Cristina uses wonton skins. A key tip is to not use a colander to drain the ravioli because it will break the ravioli open and the filling will spill out.

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Kym’s Superbowl Widow Beauty Secrets

Kym Richards is back and has all types of fun you can do with Superbowl-themed ideas. A football helmet can be used as a heat hair masque. Beer, avocado, and mayonnaise can help healed damaged hair and a football mouth guard can be used for teeth whitening.

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Rachel Barton Pine Performs

Violinist Rachel Barton Pine talks about her new album “Mozart Complete Violin Concertos and Sinfonia Concertante” which is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Rachel lost her leg 20 years ago when her violin strap got caught in a Chicago train door. The key is to have a positive attitude through any obstacles and believing you can do anything. Rachel first picked up a violin at the tender age of three.

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Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong Bring the Trivia

Everybody’s favorite nerds, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong talk about the return of their game show on TBS, “King of the Nerds,” on Fridays, 9/8c. The two quirky hosts decide to quiz the Home & Family gang on their nerd trivia.

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Sophie’s “Gorgeous For Good Live-It” Meal Plan

Natural Lifestyle Expert Sophie Uliano checks on Kym and Paige’s “Live It” plan that they have been following. One of Sophie’s suggested meals runs about 400 calories. The “Live It” plan contains cancer-fighting compounds and inhibits fat storage. Kym promises that this plan is worth the investment. The key is to fill your day with nutritious snacks so that you do not go hungry.

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Plant Grow Lights

Garden Designer Shirley Bovshow talks about the importance of lighting when it comes to gardening. There is a whole spectrum of colors when it comes to light and each plant needs to tap into those lights in order to grow.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers

Lifestyle Design Expert Paige Hemmis teams up with Kym Douglas on the perfect gift ideas for teachers for Valentine’s Day, including decorated mugs, pampering products and gift cards.

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