Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers

Paige: While teachers appreciate the thought that goes into homemade cookies, brownies and other treats, believe it or not, they’d actually prefer something they can actually use; practical gifts! I know this first hand because my mom and my brother are both teachers! Also, when it comes to food gifts you have to be aware of dietary restrictions and the excess of sweets they receive this time of year.

Kym: This is perfect for me because I can’t cook to save my life! But I DO know beauty! So that’s what I always choose to give Hunter’s teachers…


Kym: Teachers have to be up early every single morning and still look bright and wide awake no matter what. Yet no one gets the perfect amount of sleep every single night.  So when Valentine’s Day comes around, I give Hunter’s teachers something they can really put to use…something I call the “I’m Awake” beauty kit.

The “I’m Awake” kit includes 3 must-have essentials to put your best face forward first thing in the morning: an eyelash curler, eyebrow pencil and lipstick. Eyelash curlers make your eyes look bigger and stand out, with or without mascara. Disclaimer: you always want to curl your lashes before applying mascara-because if the mascara sticks to the curler and dries, it can pull out your lashes! I also include an eyebrow pencil because you can use them to draw a bigger, higher arch, which instantly makes your eyes look more awake and lifted! And finally, lipstick pulls everything together, like tying it up in a bow! Just make sure the lipstick color will go with the teacher’s personal style!


Paige: Piggy-backing off Kym’s idea…I’d give my own version of an “I’m Awake” kit…except this is everything coffee! The ultimate gift any teacher can use is a gift certificate-it’s almost like giving a more personalized version of actual money, except it shows you put thought into it and personalized it based on where you bought the certificate. For example, I bought this certificate at Starbucks but I’m taking it a step further to personalize it- which is a major rule when it comes to teachers’ gifts. This is the perfect gift for a teacher like my mom, who LOVES her morning coffee. But just like I wouldn’t gift someone a wad of cash, I also wouldn’t gift someone a plain gift certificate. So a great way to personalize a gift certificate is to present it in a festive way. So I’ve decided to put the card inside a personalized mug filled with chocolate covered coffee beans. It doesn’t cost much to go the extra-mile and make that teacher feel good!


Kym: Men’s manicuring kit with sign that says, “HANDS DOWN, You’re the best teacher around!” This is a beauty gift for all the male teachers out there. Most men won’t venture to the nail salon and male teachers are not different! But they’re constantly using their hands…writing on chalk boards all day long, helping out with softball practice or showing how to make a volcano out of paper mache! So why not give them a nail salon in a box! I found this fabulous kit at the grocery store! They’re so adorable and show that you really do care!

Give your kids’ teacher pampered hands with an at-home nail salon kit! 


Paige: As we’ve been saying, it’s always good to put thought into the gifts and make sure it’s something he/she will use or enjoy- this may be something the teacher can use or an item to put on display. Most teachers I know have fond memories of their experiences and any way you can help them put these memories on display will be loved! There’s a great picture hanging kit that I found- it comes with drywall nails and a level-basically everything you need to hang a picture with MINIMAL damage to the public property of school walls!

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