Steve Howey Interview

The “Shameless” actor talks about the return of the Showtime series and what fans can expect out of his character. Mark jokes that it is hard to find any likable characters on the show, but Steve says that when you watch, you should feel better about your own life. “Shameless” films a lot of scenes in Chicago and Steve says the city embraces the entire cast whenever they are in town. In real life, Steve spent a majority of his childhood on a boat, because his dad was in the Navy. He remembers having so much freedom while on the boat, living in a pair of red shorts and swimming in the ocean until nightfall. After the interview, Steve displays some of his hockey moves outside with a goalie net provided by the show.

Korean BBQ - Home & Family

Chef Chris Oh Cooks

One of the judges from Bravo’s “Recipe for Deception,” is in the kitchen cooking up some Korean BBQ Beef. He explains several traditional Korean side dishes and why they pair so well with Korean BBQ Beef. When preparing, he explains the darker the sesame oil, the richer the flavor. Make sure you marinate the beef for an hour before grilling.

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DIY Flared Jeans - Home & Family

DIY Flared Jeans

Orly Shani shows you how save money by making your very own DIY flared jeans. A designer brand can cost you up to $200 in a retail store, but when you use Orly’s instructions, it will cost you under $10. You can decide how wide you want your bellbottom cuff to be by how wide you cut. Always pin your jeans first before you glue or sew.

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Jere Burns Interview

Iconic television actor Jere Burns sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his new TBS series, “Angie Tribeca” which airs Mondays, 9/8c. In the show, Jere plays the boss, Pritkin “Chet” Atkins. The show is produced by husband and wife team, Steve and Nancy Carrell. In real life, Jere is the father of four children, three in their 30’s and one seven-year-old. He is also the grandfather to a three-year-old grandson!

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DIY Hanging Plants - Home & Family

DIY Hanging Plants

Shirley Bovshow explains how accessible and easy it is to care for hanging plants. She reminds you to hang saucers at eye level for easy access when watering. She recommends grouping your favorite plants together, when if they have different soil needs. But she reminds you rate the plants regularly and pair plants that have similar light needs. Don’t be afraid to use plants with colorful foliage and interesting textures.

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Fashion Upgrades for Moms

Debbie Matenopoulos gives moms some ideas on how they can update their wardrobe. She hosts a runway fashion show that features blazers, stylish pumps, cropped pants and a stretch-perfect shirt.

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Communicating with Power

Author and Coach Tara Mohr explains to Home & Family the power of communication and ways we can improve our habits. When it comes to making slight changes, focus on one at a time. Emails are a great way to start because you are given an opportunity to pause, review and edit. She points out that women tend to over-apologize, especially when it comes to parenting and that should not be the case.

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DIY Teacup Flower Bouquet - Home & Family

DIY Teacup Flower Bouquet

Ken Wingard has an obsession with old china and he wanted to find a way to create a DIY using an old china teacup. He says you can use silk flowers or fresh ones for this DIY. You can use an ample amount of glue when creating the teacup flower bouquet. If you are using real flowers make sure you soaked floral foam.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals you can find on this week’s Hollywood Steals.

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Norovirus in Your Kids

Dr. JJ breaks down the norovirus and what parents should be looking out for. Each year, the norovirus causes 19-21 million illness and can be contracted from an infected person, or contaminated foods, water and surfaces. When it comes to treatments, there are no vaccines, but it is important to drink plenty of fluids and void sugary and caffeinated drinks. Also eat easily digested foods. The norovirus usually runs its course in two-three days, but if symptoms worsen, visit you doctor or ER immediately.

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