A DIY from Shirley Bovshow.


  • Planter brackets or ceiling hook
  • Macrame plant hangers- 3 ropes for round saucers, 4 or more ropes for square shape
  • Plastic pot saucer- size to fit your plant design or moss-plant boxes with plastic liner
  • Pot liners
  • Three, 4"- 6"-inch houseplants
  • Sheet moss cut to fit around potted plants


1) Place your pot saucer in the macrame holder making sure the plant hangs at eye level for easy access

2)Place pot liner on tallest plant (spider plant) and place in saucer

3) Place foliage plant (fancy leaf begonia) next to it and push back

4) Place your cascading plant (creeping charlie) in the front

5) Wrap all the plants together with sheet moss so you don't see the plastic pots and fine-tune plant foliage

DIY Hanging Plants - Home & Family

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