Vanessa Lengies Interview

The actress from Fox’s series, “Second Chance” sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the show. She shares about how this role has pushed her boundaries as an actor and how much fun she is having with it. Vanessa shows off a highlight of the show for Mark and Cristina to enjoy. Aside from “Second Chance,” Vanessa has starred in the TNT series, “Hawthorne” and the Fox series, “Glee,” and was in the movie, “Stick It!”

Top Secret Recipes - Home & Family

Top Secret Recipes

The author of “Top Secret Recipes Step By Step,” Todd Wilbur is in the kitchen showing you how to cook some of your favorite restaurant’s signature dishes including lettuce wraps, blooming onions, cheesecake and cinnamon rolls. He recreates these meals by asking questions to the servers, experimenting with a lot of foods, and even dumpster diving to find out secret ingredients. The family members try side-by-side comparisons of Todd’s recipe and the restaurant’s and can barely tell the difference!

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DIY Baby Pants From T-Shirts - Home & Family

DIY Baby Pants from T-Shirts

Orly Shani is showing you how to take an old shirt and turn it into a fashionable pair of baby pants. You can use a men’s shirt or a women’s shirt for the pants. She reminds you to make sure you cut an extra inch to take the seam into consideration. You can even turn the extra material into a turban for yourself.

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Social Media Trends - Home & Family

What’s Trending on Social Media

Kristin Smith is back to talk about things that are trending on social media. She introduces Home & Family to teenager Anja Busse, who inspired American Girl dolls to create a diabetes care kit, which all started with a petition as a school project. Anja explains just how amazing it felt that American Girl has found a way to help other girls with diabetes.

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Skai Jackson Interview

Skai Jackson visits with Mark and Cristina and talks about her Disney series, “Bunk’d.” The show takes place at a summer camp, but Skai admits she has never been to summer camp in real life because she is weirded out by dirt. In real life, she has a lot of fun with fashion and calls Gwen Stefani and Zendaya her style icons.

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Accessories for Work

Debbie Matenopoulos has a fashion show to model off all the hottest accessories that are available for women going to the office every day. Items include a Kate Spade computer bag that converts into a purse and into a sassy leather backpack that allows you to be hands-free. All bags come in various shapes, sizes and prices. The models also show off their necklaces, bracelets and even a savvy trench coat and poncho.

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DIY Toy Storage Bins - Home & Family

DIY Toy Storage Bins

Ken Wingard shows you how to get more organized by making your own canvas laundry hamper. He was inspired by the idea after Christmas, when he noticed just how easily his kids’ toys get scattered around in their bedroom. When creating your bins, make sure you sew from the bottom to the top.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton has returned with a whole new list of deals you can find at Hollywood Steals.

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Socializing Your Dog - Home & Family

How to Socialize Your Dog

Laura Nativo gives you some helpful tips to socialize your dog. She advises giving them social exercises in your home, then slowly work it outside. Don’t place your dogs in stressful situations right away. It is important to read body language of your dogs when socializing them. Make sure you build a foundation of trust with your pet and finally, use food as a reward and not as a bribe.

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