Thursday, January 10th, 2019

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Paige Hemmis’ Hot Cocoa Bar - Home & Family

DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Paige Hemmis is helping you keep warm while you snuggle in with your Hallmark Channel Winterfest movies by making a DIY hot cocoa bar. The base of the bar is a planters box that you can find at your local hardware store. She uses six, but you can use only one if you desire. To match the colors of wood, she uses a weather accelerant.

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The Angelo Hot Dog - Home & Family

Joey Fatone Cooks

TV host and food truck owner of “Fat One’s Hot Dogs & Italian Ice,” Joey Fatone is in the kitchen making the ultimate hot dog with bacon and whiskey. When it comes to the mixture to spread on the hot dog, you want it thick and if it needs to be thicker, just add more brown sugar. He calls the hot dog “The Angelo” after his character in the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” If you like a little extra-kick, add chopped jalapeños.

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Winter Boots Fashion

Lawrence Zarian is introducing you to the hottest in boots fashion for the winter months that will keep your feet warm and snuggly.


· 9” bear paw Shelby suede boot
· treated with “never wet” technology
· treaded soul
· BCBG waxy legging
· BCBG black leather jacket
· white mohair sweater

· Sorel slim pack lace 2 boot $100
· warm and rugged -fully sealed- waterproof
· fully insulated
· BCBG rustic brown oversized fringed sweater
· Michael Kors faux fur lined cognac jacket
· STS blue distressed jeans

· Teva Chelsea boot, $110
· Style & CO checked legging
· Inc key hole cut out neck sweater
· Inc fly away duster
· REI chocolate plum and grey slicker

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Who Saved Who?

Larissa Wohl is joined by singer, Wade Hayes. The musician talks about his song, “Who Saved Who?” that he wrote about his dog, Jack, who he rescued after finding him at a gas station parking lot. He also shares how he credits Jack’s love to helping him beat cancer twice.

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Asian Fusion Crab Cakes - Home & Family

Asian Fusion Crab Cakes

Chef and author of “The Paleo Diet,” Daniel Green is making a delicious appetizer of Asian fusion crab cakes and pairing them with a homemade spicy avocado dip. He uses lump crab and recommends using only the highest quality canned meat. The cakes should appear lumpy in texture for the best flavor. If you are not a fan of crab, you can always a substitute in salmon, scallops or even chopped squid. For extra Asian fusion, he adds a little sesame oil to the crab cake mixture.

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How to Design a Winter Table - Home & Family

How to Design a Winter Coffee Table

Ken Wingard is giving you design tips on how to design a winter coffee table for your home. This includes adding candlesticks with a variety of heights, stacks of books that are color coordinated and subjects that mean something personal to you. Finally, Ken adds touches of wood, pinecones and bark for extra texture.

FRAMEWORK - Use plates, trays, and bowls to define space on your coffee table.
ACCENT LIGHTING - For quick access to lighting in your home, add a candle to your setup.
BOOKS - Choose books that you would actually enjoy reading, but also try to choose books that fit your color scheme.
OUTDOORS - Add something from outside to your table, think twigs, small branches, or flowers.
ODDITY - Put something on your table that is just odd enough to spark conversation between your guests.

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Miss Amazing Pageant

The California State Director of Miss Amazing Pageant Madisen Hill is joined by 2018’s Miss Amazing Queen, Caley Versfelt to talk to Home & Family about the pageant. Caley reveals that she has never let having Down’s Syndrome get in the way of pursuing her happiness and actually embraces it.

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Mezzi Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage Ragu - Home & Family

Mezzi Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage Ragu

Michael Schlow of the Schlow Restaurant Group is making a delicious winter pasta dish, mezzi rigatoni with spicy sausage ragu. He recommends prepping the sauce beforehand to save time. When it comes to preparing the pasta, make sure the water is always boiling to avoid getting starchy noodles. To avoid using one more pan, he cooks the sausage in the sauce.

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Best Apps for Winter Activities

Cameron is introducing you to some helpful apps to keep you busy this winter.

· Red Panic Button
· Zello
· Liftopia

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Special Needs Therapy Dogs

Larissa Wohl is bringing you some touching stories about special needs therapy dogs.