Thursday, February 8th, 2018

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Danica McKellar Interview - Home & Family

Danica McKellar

Actress Danica McKellar stops by Home & Family to talk about her upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Very, Very, Valentine,” which premieres Saturday, February 10th at 9/8c. She has been staying very busy between her new movie and the release of her book, “Ten Magic Butterflies,” that you can find wherever books are sold, starting February 13th.

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DIY Very, Very Valentine Boxes

Ken Wingard is getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit by making some heart-shaped boxes with succulents and soil. When you are done planting the succulents, water every 3-10 weeks, depending on the temperature.

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Double Fried French Fries - Home & Family

Double Fried French Fries

Olympian champion and TV host Brian Boitano is in the kitchen making some delicious double fried fries, perfect for enjoying while watching the upcoming winter Olympics. The secret is after frying your fries for five minutes, take them out and re-fry them again for three more minutes.

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Brandon McMillan Interview - Home & Family

“American Rescue Dog Show”

Celebrity trainer and American Rescue Dog Show judge Brandon McMillan is joined by Larissa Wohl to talk about the upcoming Hallmark Channel’s American Rescue Dog Show. He says this show stands out among the rest because of the adorable categories. He and Larissa even share some cute footage from behind the scenes of the show. You can watch Brandon in action in Hallmark Channel’s “American Rescue Dog Show” on Monday, February 19th at 8/7c.

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Date Night Fashions

Lawrence Zarian is getting you ready for Valentine’s Day by introducing you to some fun, flirty fashions. He explains that a floral dress is fun for a first date, while adding a bomber jacket to the outfit will make it more edgy. He also suggests a soft colored dress is best for a fancy date night.

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Mexican Beef Stew

“Top Chef” and chef from El Jardin restaurant Claudette Zepeda Wilkins is in the kitchen making a mouth-watering Mexican beef stew. After the beef shank is done resting, don’t throw out the juices, they are full of flavors that you can add back to the stew! She also adds cornmeal dumplings to top the dish off.

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Bailee Madison's New Book - Home & Family

Bailee Madison

Actress and author Bailee Madison stops by Home & Family to talk about her new book, "Losing Brave." She also discusses the season 4 premiere of Hallmark Channel's Original Series, "Good Witch," which you can watch Sunday, April 29th.

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DIY Miss You Maps

Maria Provenzano is taking picture frames and mugs and turning them into DIY miss you maps. Before getting started, she recommends googling images of states you would like to visit, to help you with your inspiration. The best part is that if you make a mistake on this DIY, you can simply use rubbing alcohol to correct your errors.

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Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Bouquets

Ali Fedotowski-Manno is getting inspired by the upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie “Cooking with Love,” by making her own chocolate-covered strawberry bouquets. When you are done placing the the strawberries on all the skewers, use a simple of rubber band to bind them together and make a bouquet. Also, don’t miss the premiere of “Cooking with Love,” premiering Sunday, February 11th at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel.

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Everyday Watercolor

Watercolorist and author of “Everyday Watercolor,” Jenna Rainey visits Home & Family to demonstrate how easy it can be pick up a paint brush and create your own watercolor masterpiece.

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