Robbie Amell Interview

Actor Robbie Amell stops by Home & Family to talk about his new movie “The Duff” which just opened in theaters nation-wide. Robbie also opens up about his recent engagement to Italia Ricci who joins him in the interview. The couple share that they first met in Toronto, but started hanging out on a set of a movie two years later. Now the two are planning to get married next year. Robbie is staying busy because his show “The Flash” returns to the CW Network on March 17th, 8/7c.

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Bohemian Fashion for Spring
Kym Douglas shows off the latest bohemian fashions to look out for in spring. The style is perfect because it works with women of all shapes, sizes and ages and is a very relaxed, romantic and comfortable look. Cristina jokes that the fashion show with the music background are bringing her flashbacks to the 60’s!

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Fire Safety 101

Firefighter Daniel Ferrari gives you helpful fire safety tips. The most common mistake people make is leaving the stove unattended. Make sure you clean lint traps in the dryer after every use. Chemicals like gas are heavy and sink to the lowest level of the house if there is a gas leak. If you smell gas, get out of the house and call 911. If you are in doubt about extinguishing a fire, leave it alone and call 911. It is very important to learn how to operate a fire extinguisher and get educated about fire safety.

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Peruvian “Lomo Saltado”
Firefighter Daniel Ferrari returns to get cooking in the Home & Family kitchen and creates a Peruvian “Lomo Saltado.” Daniel is a world traveler and encourages all to experience the joy of seeing the world. Daniel writes free travel plans for people who have always wanted to travel. Also, he learns how to cook different dishes from around the world and cooks for his fellow firefighters.

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Erica Tazel Interview

Actress Erica Tazel stops by to talk about her hit show “Justified” on the FX Network. She brings a clip of an upcoming episode of a scene she shared with the show star Timothy Olyphant. After wrapping up the finale episode of the show, she was able to take the seat back from her chair, and she also retrieved her character’s desk nameplate from the set.

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DIY Sewing Armoire

Ken Wingard is back to continue making his sewing armoire. The completion of the armoire involves simple installation techniques. The retail price for a sewing armoire will cost you $1,000 and doing it at home will cost you about $250.

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Eye Rejuvenation Surgery

Dr. Michael Groth talks about Eye Rejuvenation Surgery which takes about two hours to complete, but full recovery can take up to three months. The doctor states that no topical cream can yield the same results as the surgery. The surgery will cost you $10,000 both the for lower and upper lids.

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Spices 101

Paige and Sophie team up to bring a little spice into your life! Paige shows you how to make your very own spice rack that you can carry with you everywhere you go. Sophie talks about which spices you should add to your foods and how they benefit your health. Sophie recommends cumin and turmeric as a wonderful addition to soups, stews, and curries in order to get more antioxidants and even help with inflammation. Black pepper helps you absorb the cumin and turmeric. Cinnamon helps you with lowering your blood pressure. Red chili flakes reduce the risks of skin and colon cancers.

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Ask Shirley!

Shirley Bovshow answers your questions from social media. She advises painting your shutters to help provide year-round color to your front yard. Add year-round structure to your yard with a stacked stone wall. Shirley also advises building a double-duty design for example a retaining wall that also serves as a built-in bench.

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Hollywood Steals

Hollywood Steals
Sandie Newton has this week’s Hollywood Steals!

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