Kevin Sorbo Interview

Actor Kevin Sorbo is joined by Kevin’s mom, Ardis, to talk about his new movie, “The Secret Handshake.” The actor talks about the importance of making wholesome films for families to enjoy. In this feel good film, Kevin stars opposite Amy Grant and he even brings a clip for Mark and Cristina to enjoy. Even though there are some serious scenes in the film, Kevin reminds the audience that there is also a lot of comedy, too. After talking about the movie, Kevin and Ardis have fun sharing some of his best childhood memories.

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Merry Berry Christmas Cake - Home & Family

Jocelyn Delk Adams Bakes!

The author of “Grandbaby Cakes,” Jocelyn Delk Adams is in the kitchen whipping up a Berry Merry Christmas Cake, which was inspired by her grandmother. Cristina tries a slice and describes it as not too heavy and not too dense, it is perfect. Jocelyn uses unsalted butter in her ingredients to control the amount of salt that goes into her cake. The secret ingredient to the moistness is adding sour cream to the cake.

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Breaking Bad Beauty Habits

Kym Douglas is here to break down some of the worst things you can do in your beauty habits and how to correct them immediately. Drying hair with a towel can create a frizzy-look, instead opt for using a cotton t-shirt or a paper towel. When it comes to nails, using a base coat will protect your nails from staining and peeling caused by the polish. Finally, make sure you clean your make-up brushes once a month and even more frequently, if you have oily skin.

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DIY Domed Light Sculptures - Home & Family

DIY Domed Light Sculptures

Ken Wingard is showing you how to make your own domed light sculptures that will add some extra decoration to your home. He encourages you to get as creative as possible and to add sentimental pieces to the dome to make it really stand out!

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Susie Abromeit Interview

Actress Susie Abromeit visits Home & Family to talk about her Netflix Original Series, “Marvel’s: Jessica Jones.” Before becoming an actress, Susie enjoyed competitive tennis, even playing for Duke University! She would eventually leave Duke to pursue acting after suffering a back injury which forced her to quit tennis. When she is not acting, Susie devotes her time to her rescue dog, Charlie.

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San Diego Zoo Animals

Rick Schwartz of the San Diego Zoo introduces Home & Family to some of the most unusual animals you will find at the zoo. This includes a water monitor lizard, river otters and a coatimundi. He then takes Mark and Cristina outside to show them to the Harris hawk, North American badger, Galapagos tortoise and the turkey vulture.

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DIY Best Friend Jackets - Home & Family

DIY Best Friend Jacket

Orly Shani shows you how to take a faux leather jacket and turn it into a stylish accessory you can share with your best friend! She traces a half broken heart on the back of each jacket, having it spell out “Best Friend” all together. At the end, this entire DIY project will cost you only $45, compared to a retail store, where it can cost you up to $350. When it comes to buying your jacket, check on the sales at your local stores first.

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Stories of Giving Back - Home & Family

Stories of Giving Back

Each of the family members share in their own stories of giving back. Cristina talks about passing on the tradition of giving back to her two daughters. Kym created her own DIY, bliss bags for homeless which include deodorant and toothpaste. Meanwhile, Orly Shani shares her own personal stories of giving back as a child, which included donating scarves and jackets to people in need during cold weather. Mark has passed along the tradition of giving back to his two young sons. Mark and Cristina also discuss Great Nations Eat, which is a social initiative to raise awareness to end hunger in America.

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DIY Tub Tea - Home & Family

DIY Tub Tea

Sophie Uliano shows you how make your very own tea tub bags. The first one is combining oatmeal and chamomile, which helps with dry skin. Her next tea bag is filled with Epsom salts and lavender, which helps calm the body and sooth aching muscles. Sophie’s DIY will cost you as little five dollars and makes a perfect holiday gift for a loved one.

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