Thursday, December 15th, 2016

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Gregory Harrison Interview - Home & Family

Gregory Harrison Interview

The actor sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “My Christmas Love,” which premieres Saturday, December 17th at 8/7c. Gregory also opens up about his daughter recently getting married and how his new son-in-law called him ahead of time to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. He also shares photos from the wedding, which took place in Oregon, where Gregory and his family live.

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Chrome Holiday Nails

The Painted Nail’s Katie Cazorla is back and she is getting you ready for the holidays with this fun and festive DIY, chrome nails. Katie explains that that these nails can last up to three weeks and will only take five minutes to complete.

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Denise and Katie Austin Cook - Home & Family

Staying Healthy and Fit for the Holidays

Mother and daughter fitness experts, Denise and Katie Austin visit Home & Family to talk about how to stay active during the holidays. They also talk about the importance for children to stay active this holiday break, to create healthy arteries that will help reduce cardiovascular problems in the future. Late on, the women go to the kitchen to make healthy bruschetta bites.

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DIY Horse Head Wreaths - Home & Family

DIY Horse Head Wreath

Ken Wingard is showing you how to add an extra decorative touch to your door with a horse head wreath. He adds that this is the perfect DIY for someone just beginning to use a jigsaw. The entire DIY will cost you $10 over $100 if you were to purchase it in the store.

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Rose Bowl Parade - Home & Family

128th Rose Parade

Mark is joined by his co-host of the Rose Parade, Leeza Gibbons. The special airs live, Monday, January 2nd at 11ET/8PT on Hallmark Channel. Mark talks about receiving riding lessons from the NORCO COWgirls and both talk about learning about flowers when they attended flower school together at ISAROSE in Pacific Palisades.

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Edible Arrangements - Home & Family

Edible Arrangements

Kym Douglas is giving you some ideas for thought gifts this holiday season. One of her favorites is Edible Arrangements Gift Baskets, which are handcrafted with the best and freshest ingredients.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Surgery

Matt Iseman FaceTime’s with Home & Family and talks about is rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and his recent surgery. He opens up about the autoimmune disease and how the surgery corrected the pain in his feet.

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DIY Kids’ Christmas Art

Kristin Smith talks about getting kids involved with art as the perfect holiday present this Christmas. She recommends using non-toxic kids-safe paint such as watercolors. This is also very fun for kids to do in group projects. The entire DIY will cost you about $10.

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Turkish Delights - Home & Family

The Science of Turkish Delights

Dan Kohler is in the kitchen showing you how to make Turkish Delights, a Middle Eastern chewy candy. He also talks about how beautiful the treat is and even look like Christmas ornaments. To make your own Turkish Delights, remember the secret is in the stirring.

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