Thursday, December 12th, 2019

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Pet Adoption
Abby is a stray that has given love to other kittens by acting as a surrogate mom. She is looking for a forever home where she can sit an relax.

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Daisy is an amazing dog that is super energetic and happy. Daisy also knows her commands and will fit right into any home.

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Candace Nelson – Spiced Chocolate Buche De Noel
Candace Nelson makes the most classic Christmas Cake of them all – a Spiced Chocolate Buche De Noel. It is a traditional Christmas cake also known as a yule log.

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DIY Buffet Table - Home & Family

DIY Buffet Table
Create a beautiful buffet bounty for your dinner table with DIY décor.

Orly Shani repurposes items outside your door to create statement pieces on her buffet table.

Meanwhile, Ken Wingard goes the old-fashioned route using blue hues and silver with the exeception of one modern element, an upside-down Christmas Tree.

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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal – Cuteness Beyond Measure - Home & Family

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal – Cuteness Beyond Measure
Kym reveals the Day 33 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament, Cuteness Beyond Measure, from the ornament advent calendar.

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Jeweled Fashion
Lawrence Zarian takes the hassle out of coordinating outfits and jewelry by show clothing that is already accessorized. Built in embellishments make dressing easy and Lawrence shares three looks you can add to your wardrobe.


  • Inc Port Embellished Grommet Wrap Sweater
  • Michael Kors Black Skinny Leg Pant

Looks provided by: &


  • Calvin Klein Black Embellished Mock Neck Sweater Dress

Looks provided by:


  • Calvin Klein Soft White Multi Precious Pearl Embellished Sweater
  • State White High-Rise Wide Leg Pants

Looks provided by:

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Linda Gray – Veggie Socca - Home & Family

Linda Gray – Mediterranean Chickpea Pancake
We all know and love “Dallas” actress Linda Gray. She joins Cameron in the kitchen to make her Mediterranean Chickpea Pancakes which make a great Holiday appetizer.

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Holiday Gift Ideas - Home & Family

Holiday Gift Ideas
Shopping for different ages and personality types can be overwhelming. Kym Douglas helps us slay our Holiday shopping list with one stop shopping at JCPenney.

All products and more available at

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Festive Lamb Rack with Holiday Jeweled Spaetzle
Looking for something special to serve this Christmas? Look no further as Chef John Johnson shows how to create a perfectly cook Festive Lamb Rack with Holiday Jeweled Spaetzle.

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DIY Art Station - Home & Family

DIY Art Station
Hallmark realized early on the importance of encouraging imagination in kids and they continue to do so with the interactive Kaleidoscope Center at the Hallmark Headquarters in Kansas City.

Maria visited the center recently which inspired her to create a portable DIY Art Station you can use to spark imagination at home.

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Strengthening Our Relationships
Every kind of relationship can be strengthened. Super Connector Media co-founders Chris Winfield and Jen Gottlieb share ways to create deeper connections.

They share we may always be connected by social media but the true benefits of relationships are best found face to face.

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Viewer Mail
The family is answering viewer questions including how to keep your pets entertained inside during the winter, how to build the perfect gingerbread house and how to moisturize dry hands.


Larissa shares toys perfect for entertaining pets indoors.

  • “Wobble Wag Giggle Ball,” available online
  • “Ambush Interactive Cat Toy,” available online


Kym Douglas helps hands and nails stay moisturized with a DIY paraffin treatment.

Get the full instructions >>

Crystal Nail File available online.


Maria shares tips for building the perfect gingerbread house.

  • Use royal icing because this is really going to hold the gingerbread house together and act like your glue. Just add some water. Butter cream frosting can leave marks on your gingerbread house so stick with the royal icing.

  • To create an intricate house, decorate before putting the house together because it is easier to decorate before it is assembled.

  • Transportation is often overlooked. Use a box lid with a strong base and a lip on it because this is going to make transportation much easier!

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HWY 50 Freedom Ride
Larissa introduces Brittany Higgins, who has devoted her life to transporting pets. Transporting relates to helping get sick pets to a place to receive the care they need as they wait to find their forever home.

Brittany’s work has grown leading her to become the co-founder of HWY 50 Freedom Ride an organization that networks with shelters and transports animals to help them find forever homes and reduce euthanasian rates.

Find out more at

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