Marc Summers Interview

Iconic television host Marc Summers stops by Home & Family to talk about his current projects including “6 Degrees of Everything” on TruTV and “Restaurant Impossible” on Food Network. Marc has also had recent success with his weight loss, which he credits to his grandson Oliver as his inspiration, even if that meant cutting out his favorite food: Pizza!

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Watermelon Fruit Baskets - Home & Family

Watermelon Fruit Baskets

Founder and teacher of Vegetable Fruit Carving, Nita Gill teaches Mark and Cristina how to carve their very own watermelon fruit basket. Nita says it took her about eight months to perfect the talent. The average carving can take up three hours, depending on how detailed the design is. She recommends getting a u-cutter tool to get perfect circles for your carvings.

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“A Walk in the Woods” Interview

Debbie Matenopoulos talks about her recent press junket for the film “A Walk in the Woods” where she got to interview the movie’s star, Robert Redford. The actor opens up about the legacy that he wants to leave for his children and grandchildren which is respecting nature and the environment. "A Walk in the Woods" hits theaters on September 2nd!

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Teaching Kids About Money - Home & Family

Teaching Your Kids About Money

Certified Financial Planner Jeff Motske sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the importance of teaching your children about money. He says you have to learn to say no as parents as a way to avoid entitlement. He suggests avoiding the word “allowance” and instead say “pay day” and have job boards so children will own up to their responsibilities. Teaching children about the value of money is also an important step.

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Tomatillo Horseradish Sauce with Grilled Shrimp Marinade - Home & Family

Julie Benz Stops By

Actress Julie Benz stops by to talk about the finale episode of her SyFy series, “Defiance,” which airs this Friday, 8/7c. One of Julie’s favorite things to do is live tweet with fans during episodes of the show. She also jokes that even her braid on the show has its own fan base!  After her interview, Julie heads to the kitchen to cook her mother-in-law’s “Tomatillo Horseradish Sauce with Grilled Shrimp Marinade” and places it on a bed of quinoa, making the dish a lot lighter.

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The Right Bike for Kids

Bike expert Daniel Gellis is here to answer questions that parents might have when it come to purchasing a new bike for their kids. Matt Rogers and Tanya Memme have their own questions, as well. He recommends street bikes for riding around the neighborhood and checking out various trailers when thinking about riding with smaller children.

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Roasting Hatch Chili Peppers - Home & Family

Roasting Hatch Chile Peppers

Shirley Bovshow is joined by Chef Tom Fraker to show you how to roast Hatch Chile Peppers. The best part about these peppers is they come in various temperatures, from mild to hot. When you roast these peppers they bring out the flavor and texture.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals you can get from this week’s Hollywood Steals!

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Family Photo Kites - Home & Family

DIY Family Photo Kites

Daniel Kucan shows you how to incorporate family photos into making a kite, especially with the fall weather on the horizon and more wind picking up. He also emphasizes this DIY is an excellent project to work on with your family, too.

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