The perfect DIY for the windy fall weather!


  • Four 1/4" dowels
  • Four 3/16" dowels
  • Tracing paper and printer
  • Cellophane tape
  • String
  • A small washer


1. Start with printing out some photos onto tracing paper. Tracing paper is super light and strong and will make for good kite material.

2. Since the tracing paper is about 11" long, let's make the whole kite 33" tall so that two thirds will be covered by surface material, and one third will be exposed.

3. Using cellophane tape, tape the tracing paper together so it makes a continuous band around the kite.

4. Now use some the 3/16" sticks and make two 'x's... joined at the middle with some string.

5. Use the 'x's to join the four 1/4" dowels so that now you have a long skeleton.

6. Cellophane tape the connection points between the 'x's and the 1/4" sticks

7. Wrap the tracing paper around the top third, and bottom third of the skeleton.

8. Attach a line of string to a top and bottom corner of the kite, on the same side. Next, tie that loop to the washer so that you have an adjustable bridle.

9. Tie the rest of your line to the washer. Boom! Kite!

10.  Put on sunscreen and a hat. Turn off the TV. Go outside and fly the KITE!

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