Thursday, August 10th, 2017

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Annika Marks

Actress Annika Marks sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her series on Amazon, “The Last Tycoon.” In the series, Annika plays the character of Bernadette Davis.

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Summer Salad Burger - Home & Family

Summer Salad Burger

Chef Paul Malvone of Boston Burger Co. is in the Home & Family kitchen preparing a summer salad burger using vegetables that are currently in season. He recommends letting the peppers sweat for about 10-15 minutes on the grill before peeling.

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Back to School Book Covers - Home & Family

DIY Back to School Book Covers

Orly Shani and Matt Rogers team up for this fun back to school DIY, book covers. The two suggests using fabrics for the covers that best express your children’s favorite activities. The total cost of this DIY will run around $5.

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The Windy City Nanny

Florence Ann Romano visits Home & Family and gives advice on how to adjust your children into childcare. She also lets parents know they should not wait until last minute to find childcare and make sure to ask very detailed questions to your potential childcare provider.

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Kyle Harris

Actor Kyle Harris visits Home & Family to talk about his Freeform series, “Stitchers,” which you can catch Mondays at 9/8c. The actor explains some of the biggest differences he had noticed between acting on television and the theater stage. Kyle has a lot to celebrate, especially since recently proposed to his college sweetheart of 12 years, Stephanie.

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New Medical News

Matt Iseman is giving you the latest in medical news, including news on recent research in melanoma and dementia.

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S'mores in a Jar - Home & Family

S’mores in a Jar

Debbie is showing you how easy it is to prepare the sweet treat of s’mores in a jar. It is this kind of dessert that is perfect to celebrate Hallmark Channel’s Summer Nights. Just make sure you put water around the jars in the oven to prevent it from burning or cracking.

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Friends on Us Fridays - Home & Family

Friends on Us Fridays

North Shore Animal League America’s Matthew Carroll is joined by rescue pet expert Larissa Wohl to talk about the upcoming event “Friends on Us Fridays,” which animal shelters from across the country are participating in. The event kicks off in Los Angeles this Friday.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of Hollywood Steals.

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Jen Hatmaker

Best selling author Jen Hatmaker talks about her book, “Of Mess and Moxie,” which encourages readers to persevere through hard times. Jen hopes that her readers will learn that no matter what, everyone can learn to move on from pain. She also expresses the importance of forgiveness.

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DIY Illuminated Christmas Window - Home & Family

DIY Illuminated Christmas Window

Paige Hemmis has a fun and festive holiday DIY, illuminated Christmas windows. She does caution to not oversaturate the shipping boxes with paint while decorating. The entire cost of this DIY is around $15.

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