Monday, October 12th, 2020

Season 9, Episode 21 recap of Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family."
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Catherine McCord Lunchbox Sandwiches - Home & Family

Catherine McCord – Re-Inventing the Lunchbox Sandwich

Catherine McCord has a solution for taking the boredom out of lunchboxes with three different spins on lunchbox sandwiches. The lunches are great for school or virtual learning.

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Fall Craft Tool Review: Halloween Edition

Ken shows off must-have crafting tools to make sure our homes stand out on the block for Halloween.

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Nancy Grace – “Don’t Be a Victim”

Hailey Dean Mystery author Nancy Grace is exposing crimes in her shows, “Injustice with Nancy Grace” and “Bloodline Detective.” Nancy visits to talk about her new book, “Don’t Be a Victim.” The book was inspired by keeping her 80-year-old mother safe from crime schemes.

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DIY Flannel Shirts - Home & Family

DIY Flannel Shirts

There is nothing better than wearing flannel this Fall and Orly has an easy no-sew way to update this cozy classic.

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Kris Rotonda – Jordan’s Way Charities

Kris Rotonda goes to extreme measures with Jordan’s way Charities to inspire others to adopt not shop when it comes to finding animals a home. His work was inspired by his rescue dog Jordan who passed away. He made a promise to Jordan that unnoticed dogs at shelters will no longer go unnoticed.

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Pet Adoption - Evie - Home & Family

Pet Adoption – Diesel & Evie

Diesel is a super cute Schipperke mix puppy. He looks more like a little black bear than an eight-week-old puppy.

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Evie loves giving kisses and like her brother Diesel looks like a tiny bear. She is an eight-week-old Schipperke mix.

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Joey Fatone – “Common Knowledge”

Joey Fatone shot to stardom as a member of ‘Nsync. Since then he has done it all and visits to tell us about his latest role as game show host on “Common Knowledge.” The new show is great fun for the whole family.

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Arnold Myint - Custard Filled Mini Pumpkins

Pumpkins are not just for the tablescape, they are also great to eat! Celebrity Chef of “Top Chef” fame Arnold Myint is baking a Thai inspired coconut custard inside of mini pumpkins for an adorable and easy to make Fall treat.

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Shirley Bovshow - Edible Succulents & Cactus

Shirley Bovshow tells us about succulents and cactus plants that look great indoors and are also nutritious, delicious, and edible. Prickly pear and Elephant Bush are just a few.

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Choosing Lights for your Kitchen - Home & Family

Choosing Lights for your Kitchen

Ken Wingard is lighting our way through the next steps in our kitchen renovation by walking us through the best options for our new lights. The winning backsplash is also revealed.

To help us decide on a look, you can visit to give us your opinion on your favorite look!

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The Family’ Favorite Apps

The family is sharing their favorite apps from fitness to cooking and everything under the sun.

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