Danica McKellar Interview - Home & Family

Danica McKellar Interview

Actress Danica McKellar visits the show to talk about her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Crown for Christmas.” She talks about her new favorite social media platform, “Periscope” and about how much she loves connecting live with her fans. Danica had a lot of fun with the physical comedy of her new role and she shows Mark and Cristina some personal photos from the set. Aside from acting, Danica has a passion for mathematics and even has her own line of math books!
Don't miss "Crown for Christmas," premiering Friday, November 27th, 8/7c on Hallmark Channel.

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Sweet Potatoes with Bleu Cheese and Bacon - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks!

Cristina is in the kitchen preparing a delicious Thanksgiving dish, Sweet Potatoes with Bleu Cheese and Bacon. To make sure the sweet potatoes are coated with all the herbs and olive oil, she combines the ingredients with her hands. She uses Betty Crocker 3-Tier Oven Rack to help with the cooking process. When the dish is done, she tops it with chives.

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Holiday Scrubber - Home & Family

Holiday DIY Scrubber

Sophie Uliano and Kym Douglas team up to create moisturizer scrubs, customizing each one for the person you are making it for. Sophie explains that sugar draws moisturizer from the environment into the skin. Sweet orange acts as an exfoliant. Grape seed oil helps treat age spots, sunburn and wrinkles. Finally, cranberries improve skin texture and elasticity. Both women encourage you to have fun with making your scrubs.

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Sadie Calvano Interview

Sadie sits down with Mark and Cristina to dish about her CBS comedy, “Mom,” which airs Thursdays, 9/8c on CBS. Even though the series is labeled a comedy, Sadie says it is a great show to work on because besides it being funny, it also deals with serious issues like teenage pregnancy, homelessness and alcoholism. In real life, Sadie adores her co-stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris, who always support each other and have encouraged Sadie to go to college.

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Thanksgiving 911!

The family members all gather around to answer your emergency Thanksgiving questions from Facebook!

Grandma's Apple Cake - Home & Family

Stud Muffin Desserts

The owner of Stud Muffin Desserts, Seth Raphaeli is in the kitchen baking an Apple Cake. While preparing the cake, Seth explains that you can use McIntosh or Granny Smith Apples or combine the both as your key ingredients. For more flavor, don’t be afraid to add fresh-squeezed orange juice to the recipe. Before becoming a baker, Seth worked on Wall Street and was a man looking for a change. The cake is a huge hit and Seth gives all the credit to his grandma for teaching him how to make it.

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Holiday and Fashion Beauty Tips

Debbie Matenopoulos is here to show you how to go from work to your holiday party by pairing a sweater with a dress. After work, remove the sweater, add a necklace and you are ready to get down! Adding sparkle to your nail polish will keep your nails looking festive. Finally, there is the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x to remove unwanted hair at home.

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Christmas Santa Sled - Home & Family

DIY Santa Sled

Ken Wingard shows you how to create the perfect holiday decoration for your front yard, a Santa Sled! Ken recommends you trying out your design in you plywood first. Remember to take your time and go slow when sawing the wood. This DIY doesn’t require nails or screws, making it easy to assemble. This entire project will cost you under $40!

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DIY Pet Snuffle Mat

Laura Nativo shows you how to make your own snuffle mat, to help keep your dogs occupied while you are with your family at Thanksgiving. The mat is meant to hide food in the folds, so the dog has to search for their food. Make sure you look for “work-safe” anti-fatigue mats with holes for this DIY.

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