A DIY from Laura Nativo.


  • Work-safe anti-fatigue mat
  • Strips of fleece
  • Scissors and matte knife
  • Treats

TIP: Materials: anti-fatigue mat, fleece, scissors, mat knife, treats and toys (optional)


TIP: Look for the “work-safe” anti fatigue mats with holes


TIP: Recycle fleece blankets or use remnants from a fabric store



1. Cut mat to size

2. Cut small strips of fleece

3. Thread fleece strips through holes

4. Tie into square knot

5. Insert treat

6. Tie on pet toys (optional)


TIP: Find work-safe anti-fatigue mats at home improvement stores or


TIP: Ask fabric store to cut long strips of fleece in advance


TIP: Cross-cut small strips from the longer fleece fabric


TIP: Tie small strips through holes in mat using a square knot and hide treat

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