Monday, May 28th, 2018

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DIY Cooler Makeovers

Maria Provenzano and Paige Hemmis team up to show you how to give your coolers a makeover just in time for your summer barbecues.

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Smoked Pork Ribs and Potato Salad - Home & Family

Smoked Pork Ribs

Pitmaster and owner of Bludso’s Bar and Que is preparing some mouth-watering smoked pork ribs. Before getting started, make sure your ribs have marinated for 24 hours for the best flavor. To keep the meat moist throughout the process, spray it with apple juice.

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Six String Soldiers

The Six String Soldiers take to the Home & Family stage to perform for Memorial Day.

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White Hot Fashions

Lawrence Zarian is introducing you to some white hot fashions for summer. All looks are courtesy of Zara, Macy’s and Lane Bryant.

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Chocolate Coconut Chewy Oat Bars - Home & Family

Chocolate Coconut Chewy Oat Bars

Co-creator of FoodStirs, Sarah Michelle Gellar is in the kitchen preparing some yummy chocolate coconut chewy oat bars. As she is making the bars, she also talks about family life and her recent trip to Peru.

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DIY Flip Flop Beach Towel Rack - Home & Family

DIY Flip Flop Beach Towel Rack

Orly Shani is getting you ready for summertime with this DIY, a flip flop beach towel rack. For a more beachy look, she suggests adding seashells to the towel rack.

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Birds of a Feather

Dr. Lorin Linder and retired Navy veteran and COO of Lockwood Animal Rescue, Matthew Simmons visits Home & Family to talk about Serenity Park, a sanctuary that takes in rescued parrots. Matthew opens up about how he volunteered with the sanctuary and ended up staying and talks about how the rescued parrots help recovering veterans.

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How to Grow Okra - Home & Family

How to Grow Okra

Shirley Bovshow is giving you tips on how to grow okra at home. If planting seeds, soften in water overnight to aid in germination. Harvest the okra when they reach 3 or 4 inches in length.

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Laundry Mistakes and Solutions - Home & Family

Laundry Mistakes and Solutions

Debbie is teaming up with Downy Odor Protect to breakdown common mistakes and solutions when it comes to laundry. This includes how not cleaning your washer can result in growth and mildew. She also advises you to not fill your dryer more than halfway. Meanwhile, the advantages of using Downy Odor Protect including fighting the toughest sweat odors.

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Family “Baked Beans Off” - Home & Family

Family Baked Bean-Off

The family members demonstrate their best baked bean recipes.

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