Carol Alt Interview

Supermodel and Author of “A Healthy You” Carol Alt sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her new book and her career as an iconic supermodel. Carol was the first woman to ever be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue which came out in 1982. Carol also talks about the recent reunion she had with the other swimsuit models of that era including Christie Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs. A few years later, Carol embraced the raw food lifestyle to maintain her healthy good looks and revamped her modeling career. After the interview, Carol shows you how to make your own foam soap which is inexpensive and free of chemicals.

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Camarones Saltados - Home & Family

Camarones Saltados

Chef Alejandra Schrader is in the Home & Family kitchen to make Camarones Saltados. She serves her sautéed shrimp dish with a traditional Venezuelan cocktail, Coco-Rum. Alejandra says the dish is so easy to make and the whole family will love it!

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Ninja Wedding Fitness - Home & Family

Ninja Wedding Fitness

With Paige and Jason’s wedding only 35 days way, Matt Rogers puts them on his Ninja Wedding Fitness Plan! The four-week plan is a great way to jumpstart yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Personal trainer Ben Melick describes that the workout is four days a week. They take a look back at Jason and Paige’s visit to Ben’s gym Muscle Mechanics where they learn some strength training exercises. Both Paige and Jason enjoyed how much fun they had while working out.
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Do It Yourself Gorgeous Gingham Walls - Home & Family

DIY Gorgeous Gingham Walls

Ken Wingard shows you how to add some splash to your room by making your very own gingham walls using supplies you can find at your local hardware store. When taping, Ken suggests using a laser leveler to save time and also improve your accuracy. Ken’s biggest tip is to paint the inside edge of the tape with the base color on the walls, to prevent seepage.

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Tim Griffin Interview

Actor Tim Griffin visits Home & Family to talk about his new Fox drama “Wayward Pines.” The actor opens up about meeting the show’s creator M. Night Shymalan and describes how he was a huge fan so this is an even bigger honor to work on this project. When Tim first met M. Night, it was at his compound outside Philadelphia, where he met the rest of the talented cast and now he admits that they all feel like family now.
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Gender Wage Inequality at Work

The Editor-at-Large of Working Mother Media Bettina Bush gives some tips on how women can speak up and ask for what they want in the workplace. At the current rate, it will take 40 years for women to make as much as men. Bettina advises women to not be afraid to ask for a raise. she also says to keep specific track of your contributions to your company and finally, don’t tell your boss why you need the money, instead you should explain why you have earned that money.

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Do It Yourself Moroccan Candle Votives - Home & Family

DIY Moroccan Candle Votives

Tanya Memme is showing you how to make your very own Moroccan Candle Votives. She was inspired by a tree she has in her backyard that she wanted to add lighting to, especially for when she hosts outdoor dinners. Tanya explains that a retail votive will cost you around $45 at the store and when you make it yourself it will cost you as little as ten dollars!

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Jeanette Pavini’s Money-Saving Tips - Home & Family

Common Shopping Mistakes and Savings Tips

Consumer Reporter Jeanette Pavini is back with more money-saving tips! When making a purchase, ask for discounts for students, military, AARP, AAA and seniors. Jeanette suggests taking advantage of coupons that you get the in the mail. She also recommends the Red Laser App, which allows you to scan the product your want and find out where you can purchase it the cheapest. You can also read Jeanette's latest blog here!

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Summer Grooming for Men

With summertime right around the corner, Matt Rogers is here to show you some grooming tips for men. In recent research, 52% of men said they would do more grooming if their partners would ask. He has a whole list of products for men to check out to get them ready and groomed for summer!