Ninja Fitness Plan

Ninja Fitness Plan

Find out how Paige and Jason are getting in shape before the big day!


Monday: Pull day
Tuesday: Push day
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Pull day
Friday: Push day
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Outdoor activity 

Pull Day Circuit
* 2 to 3 circuits
* Rest 3 minutes between circuits

  • Tarzan bars: 1 traverse

  • Pull ups(modify if necessary)jump negatives or assisted with bands: 10 reps

  • Hanging knee raise: 10 reps

  • Body weight squats into long jumps: 10 reps

  • Rope climb walk ups: 10 reps

  • Quintuple step side jumps(ice skater): 20reps

  • Ninja planks holding bar:15-30 second hold

  • Face pull holding bar: 10 reps

Push Day Circuit

  • Burpee with jump: 10 reps

  • Push-ups(modified if necessary): 10 reps

  • Tarzan crawls: 5 in each direction

  • Dumbbell squat thrust(wall lifts): 20 reps

  • Jack knife on stability ball(can be modified with mountain climber): 10 reps on ball/ 50 reps mountain climber

  • Ball toss on bosu ball with partner(modified no bosu single leg with trunk rotation): 20 reps

  • Lunge with lateral raise: side lateral 10 reps/ front lateral 10 reps

  • Bench vaults: 20 reps

  • Step ups: 20 reps

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