Monday, May 14th, 2018

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Anne Burrell's Calamari Noodles with Fingerling Potatoes - Home & Family

Calamari Noodles with Fingerling Potatoes

Chef and author Anne Burrell stops by the Home & Family kitchen to make a delicious dish of calamari noodles with fingering potatoes. Anne recommends buying already cleaned calamari. She also talks about the season finale of her Food Network show, “Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition” airing this Sunday at 9/8c.

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Candace Cameron Bure

Actress Candace Cameron Bure stops by Home & Family to share stories about her new book, “Kind is the New Classy.” She talks about how she was inspired to write her book after her time on “The View.”

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Royal Beauty Must Haves

Kym Douglas gives your beauty routine a royal upgrade with these beauty must haves.

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How To Build a Personal Pond - Home & Family

DIY Personal Pond

Shirley Bovshow shows you how to make you own little paradise with this personal pond DIY. She suggests filling your pond about 2/3, because the plants will double in size in a few weeks.

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Chef Daniel Green's Banana Souffle - Home & Family

Banana Soufflé

Chef and author Daniel Green how to impress your guests with a delectable banana soufflé with a fresh berry sauce. The key to making a soufflé is to have the egg whites as thick as you can get. This will cause the soufflé to rise higher in the oven.

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May Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Board-Certified Dermatologist and co-host of The Doctors, Dr. Sonia Batra talks about Skin Cancer Awareness month. She also shares tips about protecting your skin including performing regular skin self-exams and using SPF 30 sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide minerals.

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DIY Faux Palace Doors - Home & Family

DIY Faux Palace Doors

Paige Hemmis shows how to give your doors a royal upgrade with a DIY door makeover that's fit for a princess. For the metal look, Paige uses faux plaster from the lighting section of the hardware store.

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Lina Esco

Actress Lina Esco, from the tv drama “SWAT” visits to talk about her character on the show and doing some her own stunts. She also shares her about her activist work for animals in captivity.

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Craig Wayne Boyd's Sweet Pepper Poppers - Home & Family

Sweet Pepper Poppers

Country superstar Craig Wayne Boyd stops by the kitchen to share his recipe for deliciously sweet pepper poppers. After prepping the peppers, Craig places them in the freezer before cooking them so that the cheese doesn’t ooze out.

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Product Testing for Pet Parents

Larissa Wohl puts the latest and greatest pet products to the test. She reviews and gives the final verdict on four products.

Slopper Stopper Bowl,

Pedy Dog Water Bottle,

Hurricane FurWizard,

AquaPaw Slow Treater,

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