Katherine Bailess Interview

Actress Katherine Bailess talks to Mark and guest host, Gretchen Carlson about her VH1 tv series, “Hit the Floor.” She also describes her childhood in Mississippi and even brings some adorable photos from growing up to show Home & Family. Katherine is also featured on the YouTube web series, “Stuff Southern Women Say,” which has become a viral sensation.

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Sophie Uliano Cooks - Home & Family

Healthy Mac N’ Cheese

Sophie Uliano is in the kitchen putting a healthy twist on the popular comfort food, mac n’ cheese. This dish is perfect for those who are vegan, gluten-free and even better, kids love it! Sophie also uses quinoa pasta, which happens to be gluten-free and high in protein.

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DIY Fringe Apparel - Home & Family

DIY Fringe Apparel

Orly shows you how to add fringe to your apparel. All you really need are clothing items, a sewing machine, thread, fringe, scissors and pins, most of which you can find at your local fabric store. The wider the stitch, the easier it is to start over if you make a mistake. Orly’s DIY fringe jacket cost you a total of $5, compared to $40-$400 if you purchase it at a store.

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Gretchen Carlson

The Home & Family guest host opens up about her time as Miss America in 1989. Her chosen talent was playing the violin, but Mark wants to know what other talents she might have. She admits she can jump rope for 30 minutes in a row and she loves scrapbooking.

All-4-One Performs

The band visits Home & Family to talk about their long career as a band. The guys have newfound fame with their hit song, “I Swear,” when Ryan Reynolds recently Tweeted a video of him singing that song to his millions of fans. After their interview, the band performs their hit, “So Much in Love” for the audience.

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Dream Job - Home & Family

Dream Jobbing

The co-founder of the company, “Dream Jobbing,” Lisa Hennessy opens up about how the concept works. She explains that the website offers a chance for users to apply for a wide variety of once in a lifetime dream job opportunities! Examples include being a wildlife volunteer in Thailand to being a photojournalist in Norway. Lisa encourages people to apply and pitch their story with a video and the best part is that it is free! Mark announces that you can apply to be the next DIY star on Home & Family.

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“Can Head” Interview

Jamie Keeton talks about how he got the nickname, “Can Head” which he earned by being able to stick cans, as well as other objects to his head due to his body’s moisturizer levels. He is only one of four people in the world with this disorder. He jokes now that companies pay him to wear their cans on his head for promotion. He has even gotten the attention of George Clooney who asked for a photo with Jamie after a fun night out!

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DIY Oreo Soap - Home & Family

DIY Oreo Soap

Tanya Memme thought about this DIY after having a hard time getting Ava to wash her hands. She decided to make her own soap that resembles an Oreo cookie. She warns you to avoid putting on too much extra white soap to glue the cookie pieces together, to avoid a mess. You can also also add some fragrance oils to the soap to make it smell sweet.

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Credit Card Perks - Home & Family

Jeanette Pavini Tips

Jeanette’s back with some helpful advice when it comes to credit cards. She advises you to always pay it off when you get the opportunity and always look for the hidden fees that some credit cards charge. When it comes to looking for perks, some credit cards even offer you cash back when you spend. There are also credit cards that offer up rewards for travel, but once again, she advises you to check out the annual fees because it may not be worth it.

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