Monday, March 26th, 2018

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DIY Faux Enamelware Accessories

Ken Wingard and Maria Provenzano team up for this DIY, faux enamelware. To give the dishes a more “worn” look, they recommend sanding the edges with sandpaper. For an additional glossy look, add a clear coat over the paint.

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Tiffani Thiessen

Actress Tiffani Thiessen visits Home & Family to talk about her new Netflix series, “Alexa and Katie,” which is currently streaming. She also brings a clip of the series for the audience to enjoy. The actress also discusses her and her family’s love for animals.

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Pan Seared Flounder - Home & Family

Pan Seared Flounder

Chef Maria Vieages is in the kitchen preparing pan seared flounder and pairing it with chardonnay roasted artichokes and crab. When roasting the artichokes to perfection, make sure they slow cook at a low heat. When pan searing fish, quickly cook at high heat with a small amount of oil.

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Collagen Beauty

Kym, Douglas is introducing a variety of beauty products using collagen including St. Ives Renewing Collagen & Elastin Moisturizer, Nourish + Bloom Beauty Blend Chews and Vital Proteins, Collagen Peptides. She also makes her own hair mask using collagen.

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Airline Pet Safety

Larissa Wohl is joined by Heidi Huebner of “Pets Unstressing Passengers” to talk about animals on airlines. They explain that most domestic flights allow pets in cabin or cargo space, but you should check with your veterinarian before taking your pet on a plane. An added tip is to bring a printed copy of the airline pet policy with you when you check into your flight.

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DIY Glitter Tote Bag - Home & Family

DIY Glitter Dipped Tote Bag

Amber Kemp-Gerstel is back and today she is adding some glitter to your tote bag to make it sparkle. To avoid fraying, she advises running glue along the raw edges of the strap. This entire DIY will cost you a total of $7.

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Marion Ross

Iconic television actress Marion Ross sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her new book, “My Days: Happy and Otherwise,” which is available on March 27th wherever books are sold. In the book, Marion talks about her career, including her time on the famous sitcom, “Happy Days.”

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Chicken and Saffron Rice - Home & Family

Chicken and Saffron Rice

Actress Shohreh Aghdashloo is in the kitchen making her famous chicken and saffron rice. She also shares the meaning of “Nowruz,” the Iranian Festival of Spring also known as the Iranian/Persian New Year. You can also catch Shohreh in “The Expanse” when it returns April 11th at 9/8c on SyFy.

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Dental Insurance and the Power of Planning - Home & Family

Planning Ahead with Dental Insurance

Bob Gunia, Senior Vice President at Physicians Mutual, sits down with Home & Family to talk about the importance of planning ahead when it comes to dental insurance.

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Spring Annual Plant Pairings - Home & Family

Spring Annual Plant Pairings

With springtime here, Shirley Bovshow is introducing you to annual plants. Annual plants means they have a lifecycle of exactly one year. She recommends pairing solid color annual flowers in a contrast color container and using a flowering plant fertilizer to help them grow.

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