Shirley Bovshow is helping you out with how to maximize the growth of your annual plants.


  • Large plant container
  • Six pack annual flowers
  • Soil-optional
  • Fertilizer-optional


  • Daisy topiary tree
  • Dianthus
  • Mandevilla vines
  • Ranunculus
  • Anemone
Spring Annual Plant Pairings - Home & Family


First thing you want to do is contrast. You do that with a bold color container & choose one bold color flower.

Here you have a cobalt blue container which I paired with orange flowers like Orange pansy, & orange gazania.

The daisy topiary tree is your base. Next you want to get bright color flowers like Dianthus. I got hot pink color and you want to color block them, so we’ll add that next to the daisy. You don’t need match plants just get matching color. Now you want a bridge between the pink and the yellow so I’m adding Ranunculus, this blue color flower. Now I’m adding Anemone flower in yellow to incorporate the daisy’s. Finally, we add hot pink mandevilla vines, so you can have an abundance of flowers.

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