Monday, June 6th, 2016

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Tito Jackson Interview

Legendary recording artist Tito Jackson stops by Home & Family to talk about his iconic career, including the time spent with Jackson 5. He shares that before his brother Michael’s passing, he was in the process of getting his family to perform together, again. Tito credits his love of music and the support from his fans to help restore his creative drive, helping him launch a new album. He even performs his new song, “Get It Baby,” for the audience.

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Three Jerks Jerky - Home & Family

Three Jerks Jerky

The owners of Three Jerks Jerky, Daniel Fogelson and Jordan Barrocas are in the kitchen showing Cristina the secret to making their jerky so delicious. The guys recommend using filet mignon jerky for sandwiches because it is softer and easier to chew. Today, the guys are making “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hamburger” Jerky Mac & Cheese. After you are done, top the dish with remaining jerky. Afterwards, the two make sweet & spicy chocolate-dipped fillet mignon beef jerky.

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DIY Wedding Heels - Home & Family

DIY Wedding Heels

Actress Nicky Whelan and former NFL player Kerry Rhodes are getting married and have turned to Home & Family for help in planning the big day. Ken Wingard swoops in with the perfect DIY. Today, he is making DIY wedding heels using a pair of heels, super glue, a paint pen and accessories. Ken urges you to not do this DIY for the actual wedding shoes you are planning on wearing at the ceremony, just do them on a more inexpensive pair of heels that you plan on wearing for photographs.

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“Baby Daddy” Interview

Melissa Peterman, Chelsea Kane and Derek Theler talk to Mark and Cristina about their Freeform comedy series, “Baby Daddy,” which airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c. The three talk about there on-screen chemistry and credit it to the fact they are all friends off-camera, too. They even share a funny story of when Melissa and Chelsea went to Las Vegas one weekend where they had fun daring each other to do outrageous stunts.

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Blast from the Past Products

Matt Rogers and his two sons, Mason and Brayden take a look back at products that were a big hit from the past and are now making a comeback. Matt introduces Home & Family to the vintage kettle popcorn maker, a snow cone cart and a cotton candy machine. Each product will guarantee your next party to be a hit.

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DIY Palm Tree Jackets - Home & Family

DIY Palm Tree Jackets

Orly Shani is showing you how to make your very own jacket with a palm tree print. She recommends following the same instructions if you wanted to put the palm tree print on a purse. She uses fabric paint on the jacket because it never fades and you can wash it as many times as you want. This entire DIY will only cost you ten dollars.

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Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month - Home & Family

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Best Friends Animal Society’s Michelle Sathe and volunteer, Sally Spencer open up about the kick-off of National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. The two introduce Home & Family to kittens currently at the shelter looking for a home. Currently, there are thousands of cats at shelters waiting for adoption. If you are not in the position to permanently adopt a cat, shelters also welcome a fostering program, allow for people to volunteer and accept donations.

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Matt Rogers' Moving Tips - Home & Family

Making Your Move Smooth

Matt Rogers is giving you tips on how to make your move as smooth as possible. He recommends decluttering your items by either selling them or donating them before the move. With the help of Stanley Steemer, have your carpets and floors shampooed and washed to remove any stains or pet odors from your home, too. Finally, after the move, he recommends having a professional do a refresher clean to protect your home investment.

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