Monday, June 5th, 2017

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Cookie Johnson

The author of “Believing in Magic,” Cookie Johnson is talking about her new book and opening up about her marriage to Magic Johnson. She also shares how her faith helped her get through some of the toughest struggles throughout their 25 year marriage.

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Inflatable Summer Fun

Kym Douglas is back with a list of fun new items that will be on your must-have list for summer.

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Curry Coconut Chicken Tenders - Home & Family

Sunny Anderson Cooks

Sunny Anderson of Food Network’s “The Kitchen,” is preparing a delicious dish of curry coconut tenders and painting them with a refreshing strawberry arugula salad.

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DIY Coffee Filter Backdrop - Home & Family

DIY Coffee Filter Wedding Backdrop

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to take 900 coffee filters and turn them into the perfect wedding photo backdrop. She also reminds you to take your time with this project because it can take up to hours to complete. The total cost of this DIY its $25.

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Lauren Blumefeld

Actress Lauren Blumenfeld sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about the season 2 premiere of her series “Nightcap,” which airs June 7th at 8/7c on PopTV. She also opens up about her DIY skills and makes her own DIY skills.

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DIY Neon Light Sign

Maria Provenzano is back and today she is making a DIY neon light sign using neon wire, canvas board, wrapping paper, painter’s tape, glue, a pencil and yarn. You can find neon electrical wire available in a 4-pack for only $10. The total cost of this DIY is only $10 compared to $379 if you bought it in a store.

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Raising Kids in a Technology-Addicted World

Clinical psychologist Dr. Lisa Strohman is talking to Home & Family about how to raise children in this technology-addicted world. She explains that it is important to address the relationship between children and technology, because later on they can develop attachment issues. She encourages you to have a tech-free day once a week, as well.

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Homemade Body Powder - Home & Family

Homemade Body Powder

Sophie Uliano is showing you how easy it so make your body powder, which an help soak up moisture, smell fresh and soften your skin. You can find dried lavender available online. Once you make it, the powder will last up to a year.

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BBQ Tips and Tricks

Matt Rogers is giving you some of his best advice when it comes to BBQ tips and tricks including combining your chicken and BBQ sauce in a mason jar to prevent a mess.