Maria Provenzano is adding a little color to your life with this fun and vibrant DIY made with neon electrical wire.


  • Neon electrical wire 
  • Canvas board 
  • Wrapping paper or wallpaper (optional) 
  • Painter’s tape 
  • Glue (hot glue, super glue) 
  • Pencil 
  • Yarn 

DIY Neon Light Sign - Home & Family


1) Cover the canvas with wrapping paper by attaching it with glue; optional

2) Draw the word you would like on the canvas board with a pencil

3) Use the yarn to cover the word then measure the amount of yarn used with the neon wire to make sure you have enough

4) Poke a hole in where the first letter starts and weave the neon wire through; tape the battery pack onto the back of the board with secure tape or glue could be used as well

5) Place the neon wire over the word to spell it out, and then hold it in place with painters tape

6) Once the word is written out, use the glue to attach it to the board (make sure to erase any pencil you can see at this time)

7) Allow to dry, remove the tape and turn the battery pack on to light up

To make the stand alone shape:

1) Create the shape with the 16-gauge wire.

2) Use the glue to attach the neon wire to the other wire; do this on a covered surface. and hold the shape together with painters tape if needed.

3) Once the shape is covered with the neon wire, place in the stand.

4) Place in mason jar.

5) Turn light on

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