Laura Lapkus Interview

Actress Lauren Lapkus talks to Mark and Cristina about her new show on TBS, “Clipped” and what it is like playing a sweet wholesome character on the comedy. Lauren also recently won a SAG Award for her part on the show, “Orange is the New Black.” The actress can also be seen currently in the blockbuster, “Jurassic World” which was extra special to her because she loved taking her older brother to the premiere.

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Gnudi with Summer Tomato Checca - Home & Family

Gnudi with Summer Tomato Checca

Executive Chef from The Strand House, Greg Hozinsky joins Cristina in the kitchen to cook up Gnudi with Summer Tomato Checca. Before he gets started, he shows photos of some of his most famous dishes he’s prepared at the restaurant. Greg also talks about his upcoming Fourth of July wedding!

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Balanced Lifestyle Choices for Teens

American Beverage Association President and CEO Susan Neely sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about Mixify and how it promotes and supports teens and families achieve a balanced lifestyle. Mixify also helps teens understand the importance of calorie intake. With the warmer weather, Mixify encourages teens to get outside and be active in the summer months and be open to asking questions about health and nutrition.

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Annika Marks Interview

Actress Annika Marks visits Home & Family to talk about her ABC Family show, “The Fosters” and even brings a clip to watch. The actress opens up about her life before the show, which included studying ballet and traveling with her family, which included adventures to Patagonia and Mt. Kilimanjaro.
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Tess Holliday Interview - Home & Family

Tess Holliday Interview

Supermodel Tess Holliday opens up about her career. Tess recalls her first audition for an agency in Atlanta, who was looking for plus-sized models and she was told she was too big and too short and would never be a model. That just made Tess want to prove everybody wrong and continue pursuing a career in modeling and later she was discovered by an agency online. The supermodel talks about how modeling has boosted her self-confidence and has given her the platform to promote body positive activism for all.

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Do It Yourself Noodle Seahorse - Home & Family

DIY Noodle Seahorse

Tanya Memme has the perfect do it yourself for the summertime: Noodle Seahorses! When it comes to the actual pool noodle, she recommends you purchasing the skinnier one because it is easier to work with.

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PIzza Cake - Home & Family

Pizza Cake

Kym Douglas is in the kitchen, that’s right, the kitchen, to cook up a Pizza Cake! She describes that this dish is super-easy and great for growing teenagers who get really hungry, really quick! Kym jokes that the next time she visits Cristina at home, she’s bringing this to eat!

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Stop Throwing Away Money - Home & Family

Wasting Money and Food

Jeanette Pavini joins Home & Family to talk about how people waste their money and food. She points out that 133 billion pounds of food goes to waste every year, which is like literally throwing away money. The number one food that gets disposed are fruits and vegetables because they perish so fast. She recommends freezing food early, looking for ways to preserve food and cost and be creative with leftovers. Finally, Jeanette says to always be conscious of expiration dates and stick to your grocery list.

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Taking Care of Your Laptop

Matt Iseman talks about the importance of cleaning your laptop, starting with turning it over and tapping on it to gently remove crumbs or dirt. A make-up brush is a good way to remove dirt from inside the keyboard, as well. He also says you should avoid keeping your laptop battery constantly charged and twice a year, let the battery drain completely and re-charge it. Finally, he reminds viewers at home to avoid exposing your laptop to rapid temperatures.

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