Monday, July 18th, 2016

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Sophie Simmons Interview

The singer and model, Sophie Simmons is visiting Debbie and Mark to talk about her “Body Image School” videos. The daughter of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed opens up about her childhood and how she was bullied by peers and tabloids for being an overweight teenager. Sophie used that experience to create videos to help girls have positive body images about themselves. Her confidence booster tip for viewers is to hold a power pose for two minutes with your chest out and your back straight. She also encourages people to practice daily affirmations to themselves.

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Crawfish and Shrimp Pasta - Home & Family

Crawfish and Shrimp Pasta

NFL superstar Trai Turner is in the kitchen showing off his cooking skills by making a delicious shrimp and crawfish pasta. As he is cooking, he opens up about his career with the Carolina Panthers, including what it was like to be third round pick in the NFL draft when he was only a sophomore in college. His pasta dish is a big hit with the family members.

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Outdoor Furniture Restoration - Home & Family

Outdoor Furniture Restoration

Matt Iseman is outside showing you how to make your outdoor furniture look brand-new, just in time for summertime. From removing loose paint chips and rust to re-painting pieces, Matt will have your metal furniture shining. He also gives you some tips on how to refurbish your wood outdoor furniture, as well.

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Dorien Wilson Interview

The actor is talking about the second season of his series, “In the Cut,” which airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bounce TV. The show takes place in a San Diego barbershop and all the relationships that center around it. Darien describes how much work goes into his sitcom, especially since they film 13 episodes in ten days. At the end, Mark and Debbie give Dorien a pop quiz about his long acting career.

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Sewing Tips - Home & Family

Sewing Tips

Orly Shani is back and she is giving some sewing tips to Debbie. Debbie admits she knows how to hand-sew but never learned using a machine. Using a sewing machine, thread, scissors and chalk, Orly is showing Debbie how to make a sweatshirt.

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Cake Magic - Home & Family

Elvis Cake

Caroline White is in the kitchen with Debbie and introducing Home & Family to the fun that goes into baking. Today, Caroline has a system she calls “Cake Magic,” which is the mixing and matching ingredients for delicious baked items. Caroline stays to bake an Elvis Layer Cake that has Nutella frosting and bacon syrup. All 100 recipes in Caroline’s book start with the same basic ingredients for cake, syrup and frosting.

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Shortcuts to Parenting

Matt Rogers gives you some easy parenting hacks to help save time. From using a trace of your child’s foot to go shoe shopping to turning an oversized shirt into a “get along” t-shirt, Matt has you covered.

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Hottest Temporary Hair Trends

Celebrity hairstylist Billy Lowe is showing you some hip hair trends that you will want to check out. Using one of the producers as his model, Billy introduces Home & Family to glow in the dark hair extensions. He also shows you temporary hair tattoos and faux hair headbands.

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DIY Cat Tree House - Home & Family

DIY Cat Tree House

It is no secret that Paige Hemmis loves her cats, so naturally she has the perfect DIY for them. Today, she is making a DIY cat tree house, using items that she purchased at her local craft store and hardware store. The tree is meant to to provide a place for cats to scratch, climb and avoid fights.

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