Outdoor Furniture Restoration Tips

Matt Iseman has some helpful tips for your outdoor furniture, just in time for summertime.

Outdoor Furniture Restoration - Home & Family


1) Take apart your outdoor furniture so that you can properly restore every nook and cranny.

2) Sand down and clean metal to fix chips and imperfections.

3) Before painting metal, use a primer coat.

4) If you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions, use an industrial paint otherwise use a quality enamel outdoor spray paint.

5) Paint multiple coats for long lasting protection.

6) The grit number of a sandpaper indicates the size of the abrasive particles. The lower the number, the larger the abrasive particles.

7) First use the heavy coarse sandpaper to strip away finishes such as paint or varnish and flaws in wood.

8) Finish with a finer sandpaper to smooth everything out getting it ready to paint.

9) Always use an outdoor stain. The more coats the better to help protect.

10) Add a coat of polyurethane to help seal and protect wood stain.

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