Monday, July 11th, 2016

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White Christmas Mix - Home & Family

Katherine Bailess Interview

Katherine visits Home & Family to talk about her VH1 series, “Hit the Floor” and the show’s upcoming summer special. She even gives fans a few hints of what might happen on the special The Mississippi-born actress also opens up about her Southern Christmas traditions with her giant family, including the delicious foods that everybody brings to the holiday potluck. She stays to make her famous White Christmas Snack Mix for Home & Family.

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DIY Ugly Sweaters - Home & Family

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Every year Home & Family holds an ugly sweater competition to celebrate Christmas. Orly Shani sports her own ugly sweater to celebrate Hallmark Channel’s Christmas. She then shows you all the must-have materials that you need to make your own ugly sweater at home, including lights, pom-poms, glitter and glue. Orly is joined by Dan Kohler, Sophie Uliano and Kym Douglas who are each sporting their own ugly sweater, as well.

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Ice Curling

Using the ice rink in the Home & Family backyard, the family members learn about the Olympic sport, curling. The president of Hollywood Curling, Liza Beres teaches Mark and Debbie some simple practice techniques, using 42-pound stones and brooms. Brothers Joe and John Mazzello even get in on the curling fun.

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“Undrafted” Interview

Actor and director Joe Mazzello talks to Mark and Debbie about his new film, “Undrafted” which was inspired by his brother, John, who also joins in the interview. The film is about an underdog baseball team and also stars James Belushi and Chace Crawford. It opens in theaters and is available on iTunes July 15th. Joe describes that this movie was made for sports fans because it will remind them why they love the sport.

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Hot Toy Trends

The Toy Guy, Christopher Byrne is here to talk about the hottest new toys you will want to check out at Christmas. From a Barbie Gymnast to a SelfieMic, The Toy Guy has you covered on your holiday wish list this year.

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Leek and Feta Pie - Home & Family

Debbie Cooks

Debbie is back in the kitchen and this time she is cooking up a Greek favorite, prasopita, which is leek and cheese-filled pie. She explains that leeks have a prominent place in Greek mythology. This dish has a special meaning to Debbie because it was her late father’s holiday favorite.

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DIY Holiday Gem Stone Soaps - Home & Family

DIY Holliday Gem Stone Soaps

Sophie Uliano has a holiday-themed DIY, making gem stone soaps. The all-natural soaps are perfect gifts because you can make them now and store them for the holidays. She designs the gem stone soaps in holiday colors, adding to the festive nature. When it comes to getting the actual stone look to your soap, use a knife to cut out angles.

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Cranberry Scones - Home & Family

The Science of Cranberries

Dan Kohler is back in the kitchen talking about everybody’s favorite holiday fruit, cranberries. The berry has one of the highest levels of anti-oxidants and can even help prevent some cancers. After Dan is done explaining the history of cranberries, he stays to bake delicious cranberry scones for the family members.

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The Beverly Belles

The Beverly Belles take to the Home & Family stage to celebrate Christmas by singing a classic, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

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