Mary Page Keller and Italia Ricci Visit

Actresses Italia Rice and Mary Page Keller talk about tonight’s premiere of their ABC Family show, ‘Chasing Life.’ Italia shares the wonderful news that she just got engaged to her fiancé. Meanwhile, Mary met her own husband on the set of the soap opera, ‘Another World.’ When Mark and Kym found out about Italia’s love for onesie pajamas, they got her a bridal-version of the comfy pajamas.

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Kym Douglas’s Lonely Sock

Kym has many ways you can use a simple sock.  She shows you how you can use it for your pets and even making golfing look fashionable.

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Joe Bastianich’s Pasta Pomodoro

Restauranteur Joe Bastianich’s visits the Home & Family kitchen to cook up Pasta Pomodoro. Joe talks about his business partnership with the famous chef Mario Batali. When it comes to the meal, the secret is how you cook the garlic, because you want it to be the essence of flavor, not be overbearing. Joe also talks about his CNBC show, “Restaurant Startup.”

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Jennifer Finnigan and Jonathan Silverman Interview

Husband and wife team Jennifer Finnigan and Jonathan Silverman stop by to talk about their new movie, “A Bet’s a Bet.” They even directed the movie together and this was the first time they ever teamed up on a project like this. Three-time Emmy award-winning actress Jennifer met Jonathan at a Fourth of July BBQ 11 years ago. It was Matthew Perry who set the two up.

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Lawrence Zarian Talks Shoes

Stylist Lawrence Zarian talks about what shoes say about a man. He says flip-flops are worn by a laid-back man who doesn’t worry about society’s expectations. Combat boots are worn by the edgy guy and a more artsy type. The boat shoe is worn by a preppy guy with a big heart. The Oxford shoe reflects a solid and responsible guy who appreciates fashion. Mark serves as the perfect model for Oxford. Finally, a guy in cowboy boots is for the traditional family man.

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The Importance of Blood Donation

Dr. JJ tells Mark and Kym about the importance of giving blood. One pint of blood can save up to three lives. Five million patients need blood every year and the entire process takes less than an hour.

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Bridesmaid for Hire

Jen Glants serves as a bridesmaid for hire. Jen looks at a bridesmaid position as a personal assistant. She has worked a total of five weddings so far and has 20 future weddings between now and 2017. Her wedding packages range from $200-$2,500.

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Paige’s Twine Decor Balls

Lifestyle Design Expert Paige Hemmis shows you how to make any occasion festive and decorative by making twine decor balls. A total of 12 twin balls will cost you as little $20.

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Home Safety Security

Chris McGoey visits Home & Family to talk about security safety. A burglary occurs every 15 seconds and police only arrest 13% of the burglars. One out of five homes are victim to home invasions. A motion-sensor light is a great investment and a fence can serve as a psychological barrier. Use your alarm system every day, not just for when you go on trips.

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Maria’s Burp Cloths

Lifestyle Expert Maria Provenzano makes DIY burp cloths for babies. The idea is to make burping fashionable for babies and it makes for the perfect creative gift because it will cost you under $25.

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