• *Cloth diapers
  • Light cotton fabric
  • Light cotton fabric
  • Heat n Bond Iron-On Adhesive Ultra Hold
  • Fabric scissors
  • Regular scissors
  • Wired ribbon 

*You want to look for diapers that are separated into 3rds and have a thicker area in the middle (which is the extra padding) I like the Gerber brand; about 20x14 inches


  1. Iron the cloth diapers so they are smooth and wrinkle free
  2. Iron the pieces of fabric as well
  3. Fold the cloth diapers in thirds so that the thick part in the center is facing up and the thinner sides are under
  4. Place a piece of fabric over the folded cloth and cut around with fabric scissors so that it leaves about an extra 1/2 inch of fabric around the cloth
  5. Use your fingers to fold that extra 1/2 inch under around each side so that every side of the added fabric is smooth
  6. Use an iron to press the sides you have folded down to help them stay
  7. Flip the piece of fabric over and set aside the cloth diaper
  8. Cut a piece of the Heat n Bond to about the same size or slightly smaller than the piece of fabric
  9. Place the rough side of the Heat n Bond to the wrong side of the fabric (the side you already have folded and flipped over)
  10. Place a very hot iron onto the smooth side of the Heat n Bond and press
  11. You will want to press the entire thing before rubbing the iron on it
  12. Do this for a couple minutes until you are sure the entire fabric has been pressed well with the heat n bond
  13. Allow to cool
  14. Remove the white part of the Heat n Bond by peeling it back; what is left will look smooth and not be sticky
  15. Place the "wrong side" of the fabric that has the Heat n Bond attached to it onto the folded cloth diaper that you measured it out to prior
  16. Make sure all of the sides of the cloth diaper are lined up with the fabric that has the Heat n Bond on it
  17. Press the fabric with the hot iron to secure the fabric onto the cloth diaper
  18. Once the entire thing is pressed with the iron you can run the iron over the fabric for a couple minutes or until you are sure it is securely glued
  19. Allow to cool
  20. Decorate any way you like!
  21. If you want to add more details like the letters or hearts you can simply attach the Heat n Bond to a piece of fabric and once you get to the step before you peel the paper away you can draw on the paper, cut out the shape, peel away the backing and then place onto the burp cloth, then press it with the iron!
  22. Note: If you are working with thick fabric that doesn't fray then you don't have to worry about folding the sides under and pressing them
  23. Fold these nicely and tie them with the wire ribbon
  24. Attach a card with care instructions:
    Care instructions: Wash with gentle detergent, on cold gentle wash and hang dry or dry on low heat
Maria Provenzano’s Burp Cloths

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