Monday, February 13th, 2017

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Greg Pohler Interview

The actor visits Home & Family to talk about “You Me Her” which premieres February 14th at 8:30 on AT&T Audience Network. Greg opens up about how much he enjoyed playing a character with so many emotions. He also talks about living in Sweden for the last ten years, after marrying a Swede.

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Out of the Box Valentine’s Day Gifts

Needing some last minute gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? Kym Douglas has you covered with some creative ideas.

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Lamb Shanks with Roasted Red Pepper Stew - Home & Family

Braised Lambs with Roasted Pepper Stew

Chef Travis Strickland of Baltaire restaurant is in the kitchen preparing mouth-watering braised lambs with roasted red pepper stew. He points out that affordable meat braises much better than grilling meat. You can always substitute the lamb with short ribs, pot roast or veal shanks.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Nails

The Painted Nail’s Katie Cazorla is here to show you how to create Valentine’s Day-themed nails for the romantic holiday. When doing decorative designs on your nails, make sure to use gel polish.

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Saniyya Sidney Interview

Saniyya sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about being in two blockbuster films, “Fences” and “Hidden Figures.” She plays Denzel Washington and Viola Davis’s daughter in “Fences,” and plays Taraji P. Henson’s daughter in “Hidden Figures.” One of Saniyya’s goals is to help inspire young girls to pursue their dreams.

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Chicken-Stuffed Avocado - Home & Family

Kids Interested in Cooking

Debbie is in the kitchen talking about ways to get your children interested in cooking. She explains that her daughter Alexandra loves helping out in the kitchen and together they use kid-friendly and age-appropriate cooking utensils. Today Debbie is cooking chicken stuffed avocados, a perfect recipe to prepare with your kids.

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DIY iPad Sleeve - Home & Family

DIY iPad Sleeve

Orly Shani is showing you how to protect your iPad with this DIY sleeve. Not only for your iPad, you can also use similar instructions to make a laptop cover, as well. This entire project will only cost you $17.

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Indoor Camping

Matt Rogers loves camping but knows the weather doesn’t always cooperate so he gives you tips on how to enjoy indoor camping. He creates a flameless fire with Christmas lights and twigs. Using blue fabric and cellophane, he also makes an indoor rive.

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Valentine's Day Doggy Presents - Home & Family

DIY Dog Treats

Paige Hemmis doesn’t want you to leave out your pups this Valentine’s Day. Today she is making doggy treats and doggy tags for as little as $10.

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Family Time

The family members talk about what they had accomplished by the time they reached the fifth grade.