Monday, February 11th, 2019

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White Chicken Chili - Home & Family

White Chicken Chili

America's Test Kitchen’s Julia Collin Davison is in the Home & Family kitchen making a hearty chicken chili with a spicy kick! The heart of the chili is credited to three types of green peppers: jalapeño, poblano and Anaheim chilis. Be very generous when adding them. Make sure you remove the seeds from the jalapeños and chop them very fine.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Makeup Bags - Home & Family

DIY Valentine’s Day Makeup Bags

Maria Provenzano is getting ready for Valentine’s Day by updating two makeup bags with a Valentine’s theme with a heart design and glitter. To make her hearts even, she recommends using a heart-shaped hole punch. If you don’t have access to a heart-shaped hole punch, you can also use scissors and cut-out freehand. When using glitter, be over-generous to make the bag extra-sparkly.

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Dr. Michael Roizen

Chief Wellness Officer at The Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Michael Roizen sits down with Home & Family to talk about his book, “What to Eat When.” He explains that our bodies are synchronized with the sun and insulin works more efficiently in daytime. He breaks it down like this: eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

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How to Grow Chamomile Plants

Shirley Bovshow is giving you professional tips on how to care for chamomile plants indoors. She recommends growing the plants by seed in firm soil. It will take about 10-15 days to sprout and make sure you place them in a very well-lit place. You can keep the plants indoors indefinitely.

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American Rescue Dog Show Preview - Home & Family

American Rescue Dog Show Preview

Larissa Wohl is giving you a preview of what you can expect at this year’s American Rescue Dog Show, which premieres Sunday, February 17th and Monday, February 18th at 8/7c. She also shares some of her favorite categories that you can find at the awards show.

Today's Adoption Ever After Pets:

NAME: Hazel
LOCATION: Berkley Springs, WV
RESCUE: Give Purrs a Chance

NAME: Dalton
LOCATION: Los Angeles, Ca
RESCUE: Leave No Paws Behind

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Chocolate Crinkle Cookies - Home & Family

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Author of “The Cookie Book,” Rebecca Firth is in the kitchen baking mouth-watering chocolate crinkle cookies. She mixes the wet ingredients first before adding the dry ingredients. She adds bread flour to make the cookies extra-chewy. She then coats the chilled dough balls into granulated sugar to make sure the cookie will get crunchy when baking in the oven.

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DIY Wool Heart Sweaters - Home & Family

DIY Wool Heart Sweaters

Ken Wingard is updating an ordinary wool sweater by adding a Valentine’s Day touch to it. He places the felt heart on the sweater using an ancient process called, “felting.” The best part is this entire DIY will only take five minutes to complete!

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Taylor Dayne

Singer and author of the book, “Tell it to my Heart,” Taylor Dayne sits down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about her iconic music career, including getting her start in a Russian-speaking nightclub. She also shares what it was like getting called on stage by the late Prince to perform for his audience! She stays busy being a mom to 17-year-old twins.

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Everything Bagel Ham Rolls

Cameron joins Debbie in the kitchen to make a batch of everything bagel ham rolls with a cream cheese filling. She makes the dough from scratch and then adds the homemade seasoning mix to it while rolling it out. She cautions you to not over-stuff the rolls to avoid spillage when baking.

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