Shirley Bovshow is giving you professional tips on how to care for chamomile plants.
How to Grow Chamomile Plants
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  • Pots
  • Seed starting mix
  • Spray bottle with water


  1. Fill planting container with seed starting mix
  2. Spray a bit of water to seed starting mix and push down firmly
  3. Take about 3-4 Chamomile seeds and place them on TOP of the soil
  4. Lightly scratch in seeds and spritz with water
  5. (DO NOT bury seeds too deep in the soil, they need sunlight to sprout!)
  6. Place container in a very sunny spot in the room so seeds can sprout within 10-20 days
  7. Check soil moisture daily and water gently as soil begins to feel dry to touch.
  8. When plants sprout and are about 2 inches tall, remove all but one chamomile plant from each container or seed planting cell. You can transplant the extra plants in individual pots.
  9. Transplant the chamomile plant to a full sun area outdoors in the ground, or in a large, 8” inch container in 8 to 10 weeks. (Or when the weather is suitable, or after the ground has thawed).
  10. The chamomile plant will flower around week 12 in later spring and early summer.
  11. Although German chamomile is an annual plant, it will often throw its seed on the ground and will flower again the following year!
  12. Harvest the chamomile flower heads when they are open and dry them in a dehydrator or on a screen in a room with dry air.
  13. Store your dried chamomile flowers in an airtight container.


  • Place pot on top of a heat pad to cut sprouting time to 5 days
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