Monday, December 2nd, 2019

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Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery Interview - Home & Family

Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery
Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery visit to talk about their “Swingin’ Little Christmas” tour and album. Both actresses are busy as Kate is going on tour with “Dancing with the Stars” and Jane is currently working on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

The “Swingin’ Little Christmas” tour has a lot of comedy and a lot of music. Jane and Kate share preview.

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Pet Adoption
Carmichael, an eight-week-old Australian shepherd pup is looking for a forever home.

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Jack, a shepherd / beagle mix is a perfectly mellow dude.

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Mary Giuliani - Italian Pigs in A Blanket Wreath
Mary Giuliani, author of “Tiny Hot Dogs,” is putting an Italian spin on everyone’s favorite party food – pigs in a blanket.

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Holiday Home Decoration Sweepstakes - Home & Family

Holiday Home Decoration Sweepstakes
After receiving hundreds of thousands of entries the Shedleski family was selected as the winners of the Hallmark Channel’s 2nd Holiday Home Decoration Sweepstakes.

Ken shares the amazing transformation of the Shedleski home as he helped bring their Christmas dream to life in Mount Carmel with over 16,000 lights.

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Shirley Bovshow – Christmas Chestnuts
We have all heard about roasted chestnuts, however many of us do not know how this American Christmas classic is made. Shirley first learned about roasted chestnuts on her honeymoon in Italy and is in the kitchen with Cameron to show how you can prepare the nuts to eat as a treat or use them to create your own gluten free flower.

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Dr. Daniel Amen Change Your Brain, Change your Grades
Eleven-time New York Times Best-selling author Dr. Daniel Amen, known for his amazing brain health discoveries, shares his latest book, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades.”

Every student should read this book as Dr. Daniel Amen says when your brain works right you work right which applies to your ability to do school work.

“Change Your Brain Change Your Grade” by Dr. Daniel Amen is available wherever books are sold.

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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal – I Love Us - Home & Family

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Reveal – I Love Us
Maria reveals the Day 25 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament, I Love Us, from the ornament advent calendar.

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Betty Fraser – Spicy Crab Beignets
If you are sweet on beignets you know they can also be savory. Chef Betty Fraser shows Debbie how to make Spicy Crab Beignets.

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Andrea Barber Interview - Home & Family

Andrea Barber
Andrea Barber is famously known as “Full House” and “Fuller House” character Kimmy Gibbler. She is the author of a new memoir, “Full Circle: From Hollywood to Real Life and Back.”

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Peppermint Serving Trays
Peppermints are iconic sweet treats, but they can be turned into so much more. Maria shows different DIY creations from bowls to cake stands using – you guessed it, peppermints!

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Update Your Space: Holiday Edition
Ken shows easy and affordable ways to update our homes in time for Holiday parties and festivities. Ken shows how to give your home a refresh without leaving the couch by shopping online at Overstock’s cyber week blowout is happening now with millions of deals to help us get ready for the Holidays.

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Rescue Checklist - Home & Family

Rescue Checklist
Adopting a rescue pet may be on your Christmas wish list this year. Larissa shares information on how to make your search a successful one.

  • If you want to adopt before the holidays are over, start looking now. Go to your local shelters, meet people, and utilize Pet Finder.

  • Pay attention to the requirements rescues might be asking for ie. Being over 21, bringing your family to meet the pets, etc. Every rescue will have different requirements.

  • Visit the rescues in person, because they receive hundreds of applications, and talking to them goes a long way.

  • Make sure your home is ready for a home check ie. high fences/gate for outdoor area, screens on windows, etc.

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