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Geena Davis Stops By

Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis pays Home & Family a visit to talk about her career and her other adventure, launching the Bentonville Film Festival. Geena’s festival focuses on women and diversity both in front of and behind the camera. The winners in the film festival get guaranteed distribution, which is extremely rare. The Bentonville Film Festival takes place May 3rd-8th, 2016. Geena is also the mother of twin boys and a daughter and makes sure her awards are placed side-by-side with her children’s. After her interview, Geena stays to cook her 3D cookies with Cristina in the kitchen!

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DIY Front Yard Gingerbread Man - Home & Family

DIY Front Yard Gingerbread Man

Tanya Memme is in the front yard showing you how to make your very own giant Gingerbread Man for the outside of your home. She even gets some help from "MasterChef Junior" stars, Kamilly and Kya! In the end, this entire DIY project will only cost you eight dollars.

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Eddie Money and Carmel Perform

Multi-platinum recording artist Eddie Money is joined by the singer Carmel to sing the holiday classic, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Eddie points out that the song was written in 1939, but this is the debut for the duo to perform it together.

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Ski Bunny and Handsome Hare Fashion

Lawrence Zarian and Debbie Matenopoulos team up to show you the latest fashion on the slopes. Debbie points out that muted colors are in, think beige and charcoals. The great thing about the modeled fashion is that you can wear the looks on and off the mountain.

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Beef Wellington - Home & Family

MasterChef Junior in the Kitchen

Kamilly and Kya of “MasterChef Jr.” are in the Home & Family kitchen cooking a recipe from Gordon Ramsey, Beef Wellington. Before getting started, they bring a preview of next week’s episode, where the girls go against Gordon Ramsey and Graham Elliot. They joke that the famous chefs were not organized in the kitchen and they had to constantly tell them to stop picking at their dishes!

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Best Friends Pet Adoption - Home & Family

Best Friends Pet Adoption

Laura Nativo gives you some helpful tips and questions to ask yourself before you decide on adopting a pet. She reminds viewers to not get a pet on an impulse, and to make sure you have the time to emotionally, financially, and physically care for your new pet. Laura also recommends fostering a pet, first to make sure you are both a good fit for one another.

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How Many Presents are Too Many?

Kristin Smith, Debbie Matenopoulos and Tanya Memme gather around to discuss how many presents are too many for children this Christmas season. The moms all agree that their children should learn about the importance of money and earning it from hard work. Tanya takes it one step further and says she is taking her young daughter to a third world country to show her how others live.

DIY Beer for the Holidays - Home & Family

DIY Beer for the Holidays

Matt Iseman is back in the kitchen and showing you how easy it is to make your own beer with a helpful Mr. Beer kit. All you need is water, liquid malt extract and yeast. The family members are all very impressed with Matt’s brewing skills.

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