Monday, December 11th, 2017

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Holiday Cream Wafers - Home & Family

Holiday Cream Wafers

Everybody’s favorite Blue Ribbon champion, Marjorie Johnson is back in the kitchen and today she is making holiday cream wafers. She recommends you wait until the cookies cool before adding in the filling. You can find this recipe and so many more like it in Marjorie’s cookbook, “The Road to Blue Ribbon Baking” at your local bookstore.

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Elevated Gift Wrapping - Home & Family

Elevated Wrapping Techniques

Ken Wingard visited Hallmark’s Leavenworth Production Center in Kansas City, where he learned some creative and elevated wrapping techniques just in time for the holidays.

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Mike Love & The Beach Boys

Lead singer and lyricist of The Beach Boys, Mike Love is joined by his band to talk about their new album “Unleash the Love,” available in stores now. They even perform for the audience.

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Beauty Oils

Kym Douglas is introducing you to a variety of beauty oils that will help cleanse your skin, condition your lips and hydrate your face.

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Veal Milanese - Home & Family

Veal Milanese

Chef Antonia Lofaso is in the kitchen making a delicious dish of veal milanese. She recommends using pecorino cheese for this dish. If you are not a fan of veal, feel free to swap in chicken. When done, serve with a seasoned salad and lemon.

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DIY Christmas Topiary - Home & Family

DIY Christmas Topiary

Paige Hemmis visits Hallmark’s Leavenworth Production Center in Kansas City and meets with packaging operator Robert Mehrhoff. She is also showing you how to make a Christmas topiary using floral wire, various Hallmark ribbons and gift bows.

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Brian d’Arcy James

Actor Brian D’Arcy James sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his new movie, “Molly’s Game,” that opens on Christmas Day. “Molly’s Game” also stars Jessica Chastain and he brings a clip for the audience to enjoy. You can also catch Brian in “From “Christmas Eve to Christmas Morn” available on Amazon.

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Holiday Fashion Dilemmas

Lawrence Zarian and Ali Fedotowsky-Manno are taking viewer questions to help out with easy fashion fixes.

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Homemade Extracts - Home & Family

Homemade Extracts

Debbie is in the kitchen showing you some homemade extracts including using whiskey or vodka for an almond extract. Meanwhile, she recommends using vodka to make mint extract and finally, use vodka or rum to make a coffee extract.

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