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Elevated Gift Wrapping Techniques

Elevated Gift Wrapping Techniques

Ken Wingard is getting some help from Hallmark's Leavenworth Production Center and showing you how some ultimate gift wrapping techniques.


1. Twigs and Twine
-Start with wrapped package
-Use colored baking twine to wrap around the package repeatedly
-Go to your backyard, or christmas tree and cut a few tree clippings and insert them into the twine.

2. Felt Tree Cutouts
-Start with wrapped package
-Cut silhouettes of trees out of felt and sew them together end to end.
-Attach to package.

3. Sewn Shapes
-Double over wrapping paper with design facing inside
-Trace out desired shape and cut it out. (Make sure your gift fits inside the perimeter.) Since the paper is doubled over, you will be cutting two equal shapes.
-Use a sewing machine, or hand-sew, all of the edges together. Be sure to place your gift between the two sheets before you finish.

4. 3D Poinsettias
-Start with wrapped package
-Cut out a desired shape from the rest of your wrapping paper
-Use that shape as a template and cut it out from colored construction paper
-Attach each poinsettia to each other with glue or tacks; turning them in different directions to add more body

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