Cynthia Addai-Robinson Interview

Actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her eight-hour miniseries on the History Channel, “Texas Rising.” Her character is Emily West, who was also known as the “Yellow Rose of Texas.” She explains that the series was shot entirely in Durango, Mexico. Cynthia stars alongside Bill Paxton and brings a clip for Home & Family to enjoy.

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Zipper Bracelets - Home & Family

Zipper Bracelets

Tanya Memme shows you how easy it is to make fashionable zipper bracelets that will jazz up any outfit. Tanya calls this zipper look “red carpet hot” and brings photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Rhianna as examples. She points out the big difference is, that making these zipper bracelets at home will save you hundreds of dollars!

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Rose Petal Petits Fours - Home & Family

Rose Petal Petits Fours

Owner of “Valerie Confections,” Valerie Gordon joins Cristina in the kitchen to make Rose Petal Petites Fours. She explains that “petit four” means “little oven” and the recipe originally came from France. When it comes to cake, Valerie says you should always pre-measure your fillings and cold cake should have room temperature filling. Valerie reassures viewers at home to not be scared of layering a cake and think of it like a sandwich.

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Nail Salon Secrets

Katie Cazoria, owner of The Painted Nail talks about nail salon secrets. She warns that a recent study has suggested many nail salons don’t properly disinfect their equipment. Katie advises people to always look for a salon that uses foot bowls with disposable liners, ask to see a nail salon’s pedicure sanitation log and look for nail salons that only use single use tools. You can create your own personal kit with clippers, nippers, nail file, cuticle pusher and a buffer. One more warning is to not shave 24 hours before you have your pedicure.

Karan Brar Interview - Home & Family
Karan Brar Interview

Actor Karan Brar, star of the Disney Channel show “Jessie” stops by Home & Family to talk about his show. When auditioning, Karan had wowed casting directors for “Jessie” so much that they actually created a role for him! Karan is also the first Indian series regular in the history of the Disney Channel.

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Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Paw Print - Home & Family

Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Paw Print

Laura Nativo gives Home & Family some helpful tips on how to reduce pet’s carbon footprints. Laura points out that pets can leave a carbon paw print comparable to an SVU. Some suggestions she has is shredding old newspapers and junk mail and using it as litter. Sprinkle baking soda into litter to absorb odor. Cycle Dog makes “earth friendly” pick-up bags, as well as durable eco-friendly float toys for dogs. There are now pet pods available that are made out of recycled milk jugs.

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Science Experiments to do with Kids

Matt Rogers has a full list of fun science experiences you can do with kids outside. This includes Sandbox Volcano, make your own custom roses using food coloring and using Mentos and Diet Coke to create explosions!

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Antique a Painting - Home & Family

Antique a Painting

Dan Kucan is back to show how to antique any painting using just a sander, sandpaper, cloth and stain. This process works best with a traditional painting like a floral, portrait or still life.

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Makeover Monday
Today’s Makeover Monday is close to Home & Family because it is Cristina’s sister-in-law, Lisa. Her daughter Nicki explains that her mom has been diagnosed with Pulmonary  Fibrosis, a respiratory disease. But despite that, Lisa always puts her family first so both Cristina and Nicki delighted to give her a day for herself. Both Nicki and Cristina are moved to tears by the results!

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