A fashionable accessory for all ages.


  • 7" zipper for a single bracelet or a 20" zipper for a double wrap bracelet
  • Crafting buttons
  • Clasp and fastener
  • Fabric glue
  • Needle nose pliers

Step one:

  1. Take the crafting buttons (with teeth) and press them through the fabric on the zipper. Bend the teeth in the back with needle nose pliers making sure the teeth don't stick up or out. 

Note: you can cut the fabric on one side of the zipper and have a one side with buttons on it. This will give you a different look and a thinner bracelet. 

Step two:

  1. Cut the fabric along the top side of the zipper and with pliers fasten the clamp and the clasp.  
  2. On the other side of the zipper add the other brass clamp. 

Note: it's best to add a dab of fabric glue to the inside of the clamp to make sure it stays in place well.

Version Two:

  1. Cut the two sides of the fabric of the zipper, add a clasp and Done!

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