Yael Grobglas Interview

The “Jane the Virgin” actress talks to Mark and Cristina about what it is like to be the lovable villain on the CW show. Yael already knew she was going to be a villain as Petra, but she didn’t know she would have so much fun with the role. Her character Petra had twins on the show, which required almost 12 hours of filming to capture the onscreen birth. In real life, Yael was born in Israel and it took some time to adjust to America, especially when it came to grocery shopping.

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Blanched Peas and Ricotta Cheese Salad - Home & Family

Chef Brendan Collins Cooks!

The chef from BirchLA is in the kitchen whipping up Blanched Peas and Ricotta Salad. He calls this the perfect springtime meal because peas are currently in season. When making the ricotta, Brendan recommends using organic whole milk. Mark helps Brendan out in the kitchen, following the directions form the chef’s cookbook, “Cooking Blokes and Artichokes.” When it comes to finding English peas, the chef suggests going to your local farmer’s market, but you can also use frozen peas. The dish is a huge success and Cristina calls it one of her favorite meals ever.

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DIY Patch Denim - Home & Family

DIY Patch Denim

Orly Shani is showing you how to make denim patchwork, a trend that all the celebrities are sporting. When it comes to actually making the patchwork, go to your local thrift shop and buy a cheap pair of jeans. You can use the front and backside of the denim jeans for double the shades of blue. She recommends having fun with this DIY, making sure nothing matches too much and the patchwork stands out. Make sure the fabric glue is water soluble so you can throw them in the washing machine without the patches falling off. This entire DIY will cost you under $20!

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Pia Toscano Interview

Former “American Idol” contestant Pia Toscano visits Home & Family to talk about last week’s finale and what it was like to be part of such an iconic series. To this day, some people call Pia’s elimination one of the most shocking in “American Idol” history. Aside from celebrating her new hit singles, “You’ll Be King” and “Pyro,” Pia is also celebrating her recent engagement to her fiance who she met while touring with Jennifer Lopez. After her interview, the singer performs for the audience.

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Look Ten Years Younger

Dr. Youn MD is a board certified plastic surgeon and he is introducing Home & Family to some of the hottest products available that will make you look ten years younger. The best part is that each product costs under $20. From eye firming serum to lip injection serum, Dr. Youn has the best beauty products for you!

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Kristen Vangsness Interview

Kristen talks to Mark and Cristina about all of the season 11 developments on her drama series, “Criminal Minds.” In the CBS show, Kristen plays tech wizard, “Penelope Garcia,” who provides empathy for the victims and helps soften the violence in the show. The actress gets to bring pieces of her own quirky wardrobe onto the show. Aside from “Criminal Minds,” Kristen also recently produced a film noir comedy called “Kiss me Deadly,” that she made with some of her “Criminal Minds” cast mates and will be available on iTunes on April 12th.

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Corn Chowder with Spicy Shrimp - Home & Family

Corn Chowder with Spicy Cajun Shrimp

Cristina is in the kitchen cooking up some corn chowder with spicy cajun shrimp and pairing the dish with a spicy cajun margarita. Both recipes were inspired by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Movie, “Sandra Brown’s White Hot.” Kristen points out that without the shrimp, it is also an excellent vegetarian dish. When it comes to the soup, she recommends replacing cream with coconut milk to help eliminate the excess fat.

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DIY Lumi Bloomies - Home & Family

DIY Lumi Bloomies

Ken Wingard is making Lumi Bloomies at the craft table. First things first, make sure you use a 7-watt light bulb that is LED. When adding the flowers, make sure they are fake to avoid any flammable dangers. He enlists the help of Kristen to help him assemble the bloomies. If you want to add a little dimension, you can add more leaves to the DIY. This entire project will cost you less than five dollars.

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Guilty Pleasures

The Home & Family members are joined by Kristen and they all divulge their secret guilty pleasures to one another.

Induction Cooking - Home & Family

Induction Cooking

Dan Kohler is in the kitchen giving you a lesson about induction cooking. He explains that induction burners don’t have exposed heating elements, meaning the surface never heats up. Kristen explains she has a friend who installed induction burners in kitchen so her children could never burn themselves on the stove. Induction burners only work with iron and steel pots and pans. Dan cooks an egg using an induction burner and explains that it practically cuts the cooking time in half.

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