A fashionable DIY from Orly Shani.


  • Denim jeans
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors

DIY Patch Denim - Home & Family


1) Take your jeans and cut them into shorts.

2) Next take the legs and cut them open

3) Cut the front and back panel apart from one another trying to Cut perfectly along the seams so that you can use those

4) Cut them into varying size rectangles and squares.

5) You can use the front and backside of the denim for double the shades of blue.

6) If the denim has any natural fading (like from the knee) make sure you use it on the knee so that it looks as though it's part of the jeans

7) Pick donor addendum that is one shade lighter and one shade darker than the jeans you'll be using

8) If you like the distressed look but don't want to see your skin use donor jeans that have
holes in them. Then when you apply it as a patch your jeans will show through not your skin.

9) Press the edges of the denim so that it won't fray

10) Glue the corners onto each other to create one large patch

11) Add fabric glue the entire patch onto your denim

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