Shirley shows you full proof ways to help us grow our green thumbs this winter.

Winter Houseplant Care - Home & Family

How to Add Humidity to the Air for your Plants

  1. Fill a cookie sheet or other non porous tray with water.
  2. Add a cookie rack and top with a piece of felt material that you wrap under the rack so that it touches the water.
  3. Through a wicking action, the felt will absorb the water and remain wet, the evaporating water will add humidity to the air.

How to Maintain a Moist Soil Level

  1. Cut a strand of wicking cord (available in garden centers or online) and place one end in a tall glass or jar of water.
  2. Place the other end inside the plant container on top of the soil or just underneath it.
  3. As the soil dries, it will prompt the wick to absorb water from the jar and relay water to your plant.
  4. Adjust the placement height of the water glass to speed or slow the rate of water flow.

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