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Value of Hospice Care

Value of Hospice Care

Jeanette Pavini shares some valuable advice and resources on hospice care

Find a Hospice near you:

“What Are My Options” interactive tool

Guideline for Choosing a Hospice:

Questions to ask when choosing a hospice (SOURCE: nhpco.org)

  1. Is the hospice Medicare certified?

  2. When was the last state or federal survey of the program?

  3. Is the hospice accredited by a national organization?

  4. What services should I expect from the hospice?

  5. How are services provided after hours?

  6. How and where does hospice provide short-term inpatient care?

  7. What services do volunteers offer?

  8. How long does it typically take the hospice to enroll someone once the request for services is made?

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