Alana Stewart and George Hamilton Interview

The stars of the reality series “Stewarts & Hamiltons,” George Hamilton and Alana Stewart sit down with Mark and Cristina to talk about what life is like in front of the cameras. They ensure the audience that everything they see on the series is real! They point out that they have fun as a family and the show demonstrates how they handle various issues and conflict. Even though the couple are divorced in real life, they are still one big blended family.
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Chef Michael Fiorelli Cooks

Executive Chef from Love & Salt restaurant, Michael Fiorelli stops by the Home & Family kitchen to cook his favorite dish, Rigatoni with Tuna Conserva, Stewed Tomatoes and Fried Capers. His secret is poaching the tuna in olive oil instead of water to add to the flavor. When preparing this dish, he says to use all your senses to decide how ready it is. The pasta is a huge hit with the guests! You can also substitute the meats any way you want.

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Whipped Coconut Body Creams

Sophie Uliano shows you how to make your very own whipped coconut body cream, with the help of guests George Hamilton, Alana Stewart and Marilu Henner. Hijinks ensue when she gets a little help from George, who is clueless around a mixer! One of the best parts about making your own body cream is that you can refrigerate it to make it last up to six months!

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Marilu Henner Interview - Home & Family

Marilu Henner Interview

Actress Marilu Henner stops by to talk about her Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Movie “Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery,” premiering Sunday, 9/8c. Marilu says this is actually her favorite movie, so far of the series. In the movie, she plays a bossy mom to Candace Cameron-Bure’s character, but in real life, Marilu is the mother of two sons who are home for the summer from college. At the end of the interview, Marilu plays a hilarious game of Mad Libs with Home & Family.
Don't miss Marilu in "Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery," Sunday, 9/8c on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Do It Yourself Announcement Holders - Home & Family

DIY Announcement Holders

Paige Hemmis is back and making do it yourself announcement holders. Using old frames and embellishments she found at her local craft store, she creates the perfect project to act as a keepsake for your memories. The entire cost is under $30 and it can even cost less if you use old frames from around the house.

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iPad Magic

Simon Pierro shows Mark and Cristina a little of his digital magic. The magician first got his start when a created an iPad magic YouTube video that went viral. Now Simon has a very successful YouTube channel, “iOS Magic.” He demonstrates some of his skills for Home & Family and it leaves them speechless.

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Pregnancy-Related Health Issues and Solutions - Home & Family

Pregnancy- Related Health Issues and Solutions

Dr. JJ teams up with TENA to talk about the latest products available to help with pregnancy. There are nausea-relieving lollipop you can find at your local grocery stores. There are also liquid powders to help keep women cool and dry and reduce rashes. TENA now makes specially-designed absorbent products for pregnant women who have bladder control issues during their third trimester.

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Air Plants

Shirley Bovshow returns to talk about Tillandsias, which are also known as “air plants.” The reason behind their nickname is because they absorb water and nutrients from the air. You should submerge this plant in water, one to three times a week. Finally, these kind of plants do not survive in frost; during colder weather bring them indoors.

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Value of Hospice Care - Home & Family

Value of Hospice Care

Jeanette Pavini returns to talk about the variety of care services available for your loved one. When it came to finding a hospice for her now late father, Aldo, she had such a positive experience and support team. Hospices don’t only work with the patient, they also work closely with the loved ones of the patient, to help relieve the stresses they may have, as well. A lot of hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and almost all private insurance and will usually never be at cost of the patient.

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