1. It’s important to film a baby in a room or place that’s warm so the baby can relax.
  2. You can also use a heating pad to keep the baby comfortable and toasty
  3. As well you could play a white noise
  4. Or place something on them that vibrates that keeps them at ease
  5. Tips to keeping babies comfortable during a photo shoot: Play white noise, or use a heating pad
  6. When photographing a baby, especially one that is so young you really want to capture their sweet fresh skin so lighting is important
  7. You want your light source to be as close to your subject as possible just short of being in the frame
  8. For optimal lighting keep your light source as close to your subject as possible
  9. Shooting in overcast outdoors is also a great natural for good lighting
  10. Avoid harsh direct sunlight, which could create unsightly shadows on subjects face
  11. You can use bed sheets or tool fabric to create soft lighting
  12. You want to make sure you adjust your camera settings to shoot in “raw” if not raw, shoot in the largest jpeg format.
  13. Camera setting should be in raw or at largest jpeg format.
Photography Tips - Home & Family

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